‘ 2013 / 2014 Audi R8 S tronic ‘ Test Drive & Review – TheGetawayer

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Eversince 2011 I’ve been asked to review the Audi R8 and now the time has come: This hand-build supercar has a base-price of 118.400 € in germany with the ne…


AgentHydra says:

Thatdudeinblue sent me, you have some great videos here. Subbed!

maxpowers3732 says:

Great review.

I was disappointed you didn’t drive the manual. I test drove a 2012 R8
manual and just loved the gated shifter with the click after every shift.
It was just perfect for the car. I’d be interested to hear your opinion on
how it compares to the gear shift in the new Carrera 4S.

The dual clutch automatic with the paddles really bothers me in a sports

Garrison Wynn says:

I bought one and its great, everything he said is true except about it
being quite. Its not, it makes a great noise, but i have a spyder so that
may be the difference 

TK421ps says:

“zoopercars”… haha

rokan81 says:

Another great review. Thanks Guido.

That sound the engine makes is mesmerizing! 

Anna-Clara says:

Best reviewer!

Could you try to review the manual transmission R8 V8? That would be sweet

Jeff - Carla S says:

Thank you for reviewing the V8. Most reviews are of the V10. Being a V8
owner I thank you. We have a Stasis Exhaust on our car and it makes an
incredible difference in the driving experience. We will post some video of
our car soon as winter breaks. 

golferchin76 says:

Hi Mr. Gruido,
In terms of long trip cruising comfort, how does the R8 compare to 997 and
991 Carrera S? I know they are very different cars but how about just
cruising long trip for example 500km round trip?

Richard Tyrrell says:

This has been my favourite car for years, one day i will own one!

Tomek Szemczyński says:


Cerebrum72 says:

Thank you for Your reviews :-)


Hey TheGetAwyer….Would you say, the 2014 Turbo S, beats the R8 V10 plus,
0- 60, and the Quarter Mile, and over all Acceleration….If So, and I DO
think so…I wonder WHY Audi makes it SO Expensive…Cuz this R8, w/ a V8,
is more expensive than the 2014 Turbo S… Thank You….Take Care :):):)

golferchin76 says:

R8 was almost perfect. Good looking, comfortable, great chassis & engine,
entry level price into the supercar world. But, the R-tronic was such a
let-down. Now before the new model arrives Audi puts a proper twin clutch
gearbox in R8 and stiffen the ride a bit too much. Its resale value will
drop a lot when new R8 reveals. Maybe the ’14 R8 is a testbed for new
equipment, but for those looking to get into a R8 it is a very difficult
And I sincerely hope that Audi won’t put turbos in the next generation R8.

D2608J says:

beside from that I enjoy your videos. Nice done. Keep up the good work :-)
Grüße von Ludwigsburg

BeatsToTheBass says:

Very nice review, focused on passion, how it should be! Keep em coming!

KingPNW says:

I like his accent! Hearing Germans speak English has always been
entertaining to me for some reason.

TheGetawayer says:

I think I would also prefer the manual. The gated 6 speed is just so
beautiful and suits the R8. Glad Audi still offers it, eventhough the
Stronic is a big step forward. Greetings from germany, TheGetawayer

TheGetawayer says:

Yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying :)

TheGetawayer says:

Thank you very much ! I really appreciate your feedback. Greetings, Guido
aka TheGetawayer

JoeTheHaloJunkie says:

I just found your channel today. I must say, that I am very impressed by
your reviews. Probably the best video reviews I have seen on youtube, or tv
for that matter. Given the choice, would you purchase this over you
favorite porsche?

dt0818 says:

Rev limiters on cars (such as this) is usually a fuel-cut, so it won’t
destroy the engine, rather it is protecting itself. I totally agree though
of the importance of a shift light, I still remember when I once hit the
rev limiter of a supercar, it made me cringe. Didn’t feel good in my
gut…Damn superfast accelerating cars lol.

Gary Nochimson says:

Would you say that the 2014 R8 V8 is as quick now as a 991 Carrera S PDK?

sherman3211 says:

We had an R8 with an aftermarket non resonated exhaust at work. Loud doesnt
even begin to describe it. I was pulled over on my road test because the
exhaust was so damn loud. Sounded amazing though, the car really spoke to
you. Sadly the police were listening also.

TheGetawayer says:

Not according to the tests that I’ve read and it didn’t feet as fast to me
as the 991 that I tested. Main reason is that the 911 is still lighter and
the PDK is just faster imo. It’s not that much but a 991 Carrera S or 4 S
would still take care of the R8 V8 from 0-100 km’h and through corners.
Greetings, TheGetawayer

TheGetawayer says:

I just read your first comment on the SLK55, so awesome to hear that you’re
getting one, John ! I’ll do my best to bring you a few more interesting car
reviews this year, so stay tuned. Greetings from germany, Guido aka

JimmyChannel2 says:

Indeed, another great review Guido. You formed really good points there.
Over the past year, I lost a bit of interest to the R8 because its very
pricey and I fell in love with F-type, BRZ/86, 993s, 991s, 981cs, M3 CSLs,
Vantage S but watching this review, I can’t stop listening to that high
revving naturally aspirated V8. I think the V8 and V10 sound equally
brilliant. Great camerawork too. I can tell that the shifts on the S-tronic
has improved a lot compared to the R-tronic transmission.

TheGetawayer says:

Thanks Rae ! No, sadly I haven’t had the chance to drive the Guy-ardo :) I
guess the R8 is abit more civilized and works better as a daily driver. Now
with the new twin-clutch transmission it might have an advantage over the
Gallardo’s e-gear system. Greetings, Guido aka TheGetawayer

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