2013 & 2014 Audi S4 Manual – 6 Speed – Test Drive – Video Review – Driving Review

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Autosavant’s Kevin Gordon reviews a 2013 Audi S4 Manual. Here, Kevin provides his impressions of the car’s transmission and the sport differential. We also t…


Miro Vojtechovsky says:

can’t find the “super long” review he’s mentioning at the ending :///

Diego Eduardo says:

Burned the clutch at 2:10

Michael Shao says:

very nice review!

frozenzoo says:

2:10 is not good for the clutch O.o

piero914 says:

Please let the revs drop when you shift lol

Doru Ambrus says:

Great Review. I love the Manual Transmission and hope it will be around in
Audi cars for a long time.

Rafael Mmrepairsonline says:

is this the same tranny as the 01X? im really starting to love the audi 6
speed manual 

Vlad Zhidkov says:

Great review! I’ve got a 2013 S4 manual, sports diff – absolutely in love
with it. Looking forward to more videos from you guys. Review of
aftermarket parts would be especially welcomed! 

timothy w says:

What world happen to 2.7 turbo. Thought it would be 3.0 4cylinder not a v6.
That’s cool but not alright

AudiS4you says:

i have a 2014 S4 (glacier/magma red), no sports diff, not a stick. some say
my version isn’t even sellable :( the car is life changing in my eyes!

timothy w says:

Make you miss how b4 was made

timothy w says:

For all that go for A6

timothy w says:

Lateral acceleration 140/ 120 split front to rear burning up rubber

timothy w says:

lying , currently in development somebody somewhere making improvements

MrFunk says:

Wow – slip the clutch much?! 2:10 sec – yikes! All the B8′s are 40/60 split
for power… not just the 13s+… I agree with you on what you say about
the sport diff… the clutch is actually the weak point on these cars…
nice review on the whole. Cool you guys got a long term S4. Come to
AudiZine for info on how to mod it!

ceilonyc says:

Nice. I have an A4 now and I was looking to trade in early for a S4. When
do you plan on selling your new s4? 2 years?

tmwall25 says:

hope you leased it.

yenny527 says:

Shift more like a honda as in “Honda S2000″ – one of the best manuals ever

Sam Chiang says:

….review of sport differential… Not s4…

Krakle and Pop says:

What made you go with the S4 as your long-term car?

Northwest Biotherapeutics says:

does your long term test car come with the DCT or the manual?

MultiRyan2112 says:

Nice purchase! Did you get the manual and the $1250 diff?

Autosavant says:

Don’t you want to know how many times you can use launch control before it
gives up?

MultiRyan2112 says:

I suppose that’s acceptable considering how good Audi’s DCT is but still I
would have kept it original! And I sure will!

Crewwel says:

As an Audi enthusiast I absolutely love the fact that you will be going
really in depth with the S4, you couldn’t have chosen better!

MultiRyan2112 says:

Yeah sure, how many?

Autosavant says:


Veyronp87 says:

i’d take the s tronic over the 6spd. great car though

speedygaurav7 says:

Hi Mr. Kevin Gorden, I really appreciate your real world reviews of the
car(how the car will feel to the user is very important). We all know the
numbers. What important is how is living with the car. Can you please do a
Review of Audi S6 VS Audi A6 TDI. They have similar torque although
ofcourse power is different, but the mid range torque is similar (which is
mostly used in passing or getting on the freeway) If you do not do
Comparisons, may be you can do 2 diff reviews :P thanks

Andrej says:

I can’t wait to see the long term videos, awesome car on the best review
channel. I guess we will be your support group as the maintenance woes pile

Osheekuru says:

Thank you for the informative review. My question to you is, why did you
choose the DCT over the 6 speed manual for your long term test car?

Jordan Wallace says:

Hands Down Best Reviews On YouTube!! 2014 Lexus IS 350 F Sport (RWD)
Anytime Soon?

Autosavant says:

No! We got a dual clutch. Stay tuned for the rest.

bone44 says:

Have you driven the BMW 335?, if so, how does the Audi S4 compare?

NuffSaidFred says:

The S4 in this video sounds like it has an aftermarket exhaust. I don’t
remember my 2014 S4 with this much resonance in the cabin. And the
pseudo-engine track produced by the Soundaktor device should only be
noticeable at higher RPMs, but this S4 has some throaty note to it even at
cruising speeds. Am I wrong?

KirilG1 says:

Awesome car, and a great review! Thanks!

Autosavant says:

The aftermarket that has developed around it among a few other things that
we’ll talk about in our review.

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