2013-2014 BMW X3 review from Consumer Reports

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The BMW X3 is a well-rounded compact upscale sporty SUV. Handling is agile and the 6-cylinder engine and 8-speed automatic are surprisingly efficient. Learn …


juschill7 says:

@nconley118 I agree he does read better, but the guy with the glasses and
beard reads funny. Dont get rid of this guy.

utubeyaw says:

i will rather buy a base ml for that price

dagheart says:

It saves space on the centre console

fatboy19831 says:

I priced one of these with nav and hids. Just under 43k. What a wonderful
SUV. Love the base 6. A blast to drive. It has plenty of room for all of my
6 footers in my family.

nconley118 says:

Where have you been hiding this guy for so long? He does a much better job
of reading a script naturally than some of your other hosts.

Eskimopride07 says:

The X3 is cute

hiawatha1919 says:

Much better looking now

Mahbub Zaman says:

I love it!

TheAlexv6 says:

The rear wheels are still in an able like the 1gen x5′s? Why does BMW do
this the tires will wear out from the inside out(happened to me)

nyak63RUS says:

It takes some getting used to, but this is the direction automakers will be
heading over the next 5-10 years.

Nathan Kendall says:

I would buy one at $43,000…

Jawn Ldl says:

i got those bitches wood trim, bitches love wood trim

somewhatlongdong says:

The shifter is a terrible design.

khunopie says:

Rather have a base Cayenne with tiptronic goes for a bit over 50 k.

Fewwawi says:


Rasmus Persson says:

Hahahahahahhahahha 43 000 dollar, it’s 1/2 of the price in Sweden, where it
would cout 70 000 dollar…

dave dunn says:

Why does everyone from consumer reports talk like a robot? They also all
talk the same. This guy is a huge geek. Their is another guy who is hip and
cool who reviews the muscle cars. Hes chill but these are guys are just

max tkachev says:

Is it black sapphire colour?

nomoreserfs says:

I prefer th Acura RDX. Better price, great reliability, and good quality.
The Germans have reliability issues with their expensive machines.

IPGAuto says:

This guy talks as if its a car for everyone. He must have forgotten German
cars are À la carte.

KaZ MoT says:

The X3 doesn’t have the headlights Halo Effect?

tonydano says:

Taking car advice from a geek is like taking dating advice from a nerd.

Martin Cooksley says:

these are everwhere in england, people choose build quality over unique
design and flash

tinleo333 says:

great car if you have the money better buy a used x5

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