2013 Acura RDX vs. 2012 Audi Q5 – Vehicle Comparison

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The Soccer Mom-Mobile Comparo. How does Acura’s reinvented RDX now fair against one of its German rivals? Full comparison and photos – http://www.autoguide.c…


aznboii07 says:

I like both , but Audi is more expensive and is from Germany. 

Eric Black says:

Traded my BMW x3 for the Acura rdx and I’m loving it 

Baierl Acura says:

Anthony Neilly says:

Pretty black and white to me. I choose acura. No pun intended.

Josh G says:

Acura, for sure! 

ipancaki says:

Acura is so ugly and looks cheap

Andrey Ivanov says:

Acura’s front grill looks outdated …I remember when Acura cars was the
most beautiful cars on the road…but now with ” RLX stile front” i’m not
a buyer..sorry Acura

rkhrahmani says:

Rebadged honda CR-V is for old females.

Арсений Ярочкин says:


jamie taylor says:


Calvin Philemond says:

What does his tattoos have to do with this extremely well done presentation
sthu, and go bitch somewhere else this is a car review made for adults that
are looking for cars. You want to judge somebody join the cast of American

djsausagebiscuits says:

If I were ready to buy another car right now… I’d choose the Q5 because
of the standard AWD and styling… but the Acura is honestly sold at a much
lower cost from what I’ve seen, and has better long term quality from what
I hear. 

josephboot1 says:

If you’re going to do a comparison leave your personal taste for style out
of it, that’s up to the buyer. Acura’s quality far exceeds Audi’s…look it
up. You reviewers never mention reliability or quality…I’m not talking
about quality of leather or materials but engine and drive train.

Nystromj1 says:

Apples and oranges! Take it from someone that has both an Acura and an
Audi. If you only want a quiet comfortable ride, buy the Acura. If you
really enjoy driving and want to feel connected to the road, buy the Audi.
And, I’ve owned several turbo’s .. never ever had a problem … just need
to follow the factory recommendation for oil … if you don’t change your
oil or go cheap, you’ll pay! And, despite the horsepower of the Audi 2.0T,
this thing has power to spare or pass, no matter what speed you are going!

Mick ohyeah says:

I’m Canadian and can pronounce Audi the way it is supposed to be.

Hassan H says:

I have seen 4 problems with Audi Q5 in less than a year, fuse blow-off
during GPS hot plugging, Knocking sound at boot coz plastic part knocking
each other, Refrigerant pressure sensor failure and latest front bumper
paint peel off. The paint work doesn’t last long if you leave near the

fatboy19831 says:

I have never owned an Audi for those same reasons you state. I read
consumer reports. I have always driven Honda, Toyota, Acura and Subaru.
Take an Audi on a 300 mile trip and all that crap is not worth a hill of
beans. My next car will be the Q5 or the X3. If I have to go to the dealer
twice a year so be it. They are far better place to be than the Boring RDX
or the Lexus RX. BMW pays for everything for the fist 4 years. I am done
playing it safe. I completely understand your point.

oghueq says:

Furthermore, they put a A7 SuperCharged $80K car versus a TL SH-AWD $35K
and the TL almost took it down… Yeah, why didn’t they put the A7 V6
non-supercharged 204hp $65K vs TL SH-AWD $35K. It wouldn’t be even funny to

1954telecaster says:

this video is biased, why’s there some annoying faggot testing the audi
when acura gets a smooth-talkin black guy!? bulbous rear end…like his
boyfriend’s no doubt

congausa1 says:

bang for your bucks + reliable = ACURA. :)

iishyxvietxboyii1 says:


Rosa Martin Giovanni Alicea says:

by price, Acura. for the price of the Q5 I buy the MDX or the Lexus RX 350
and are better cars. The damaged Audi lot.

John Jerrehian says:

The 2.0 engine in the Q5, A4, TT and A6 has won many awards. The comment
below regarding the comparison to a 92 Civic is apples and oranges. 258 ft
pds of trq. is more than many V6′s produce and the low RPM “noise” is the
FSI fuel injection. In fact, the new 2.0 in the S3 puts out over 300 HP.
Also, I own 3 Audi’s including the 2.0T in my wife’s 2011 TT. 5.3 seconds
0-60 isn’t too bad while getting over 30 mpg.

rsxzx6r says:

option up both equally….one is 40k…other is 60k

chigasaki06 says:

The acura drives home while the q5 drives to the mechanic.

rsxzx6r says:


Elias Chiddicks says:

Yep, amazing how new car drivers never talk about that. The Q5 doesn’t have
a great reliability rep…but it never gets mentioned here. If anything,
that’s what swings people towards the Acura. While I find the Audi looks
better, I’d buy the RDX.

mV33rs says:

Hard choice but I think I’d take the RDX. I wouldn’t get a car like this
anyways if it is about a fun drive.

fatboy19831 says:

The X3 and the 3 series are the most reliable BMWs. Aside from the
occasional check engine light they are very dependable.

oghueq says:

I am sorry, but I am done. it’s arguing with a brick wall. The first video
proves that the Quattro had problem on the grade that is not that steep,
with SH-Awd took on the tougher hill and went over like nothing. For the
2nd video, listen to the guy, he says Acura has a better AWD system. It’s
faster because it has a supercharger. Really sad that a v6 supercharged
only pushing 310hp. Put a supercharger on that TL and let’s see if the A7
can even be visible from the rear view mirror.


A little suggestion mate, It’s not too late to write this comment when you
can afford an Audi.

raykupal says:

Well yes. I probably would know more than any of you about hondas’ and
acuras’ insides because I test parts that go into the assy line. I know
there are ford parts that go in toyota cars. Check your car parts and see
keihin, denso, sumitomo, aisin.


I am one ignorant dude & I am not 16.

ptg9840 says:

Yeah, that’s what I’ve heard to do with luxury cars like Audi, BMW, and
Mercedes. Either drop it at the 4 year mark or live with it and pay a lot.

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