2013 Audi A3 Saloon review – What Car?

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The Audi A3 Saloon is slightly more pricey than its Sportback and three-door equivalents, with style its main selling point. Watch our video review and then …


SanDiegoInnOut says:

One of the strong points is the cabin…..um NO!

damieg82 says:

I’m sorry but I don’t understand why everyone praises the A3′s interior.
I’ve been in one and apart from the interior being normative in terms of
materials, it’s very vanilla in design and has one of the ugliest
dashboards I’ve ever seen. Its like a huge black log sitting in front of
you. In terms of minimalist design, BMW does it wayyyy better, and Merc’s A
Class interior is simply gorgeous compared to this pretentious Golf

Ryan Warren says:

I have an 08 Sportback 1.4T and honestly just can’t bring myself to like
this new A3 saloon! Just always thought the A3 should have remained a
hatchback and only a hatchback, it’s kind of the whole point of it because
at the end of the day you can get a saloon A4, A5, A6, A7, A8 if you want
so it’s not like you were stuck so choice when it came to saloons.

ki flex says:

auto union..is on the Top of its game..audi is putting out some very
awesome..cars of late ..as a German car company i see why they are so

Adrian Stavarache says:

a3 saloon its for North America China and Est Europe , we love saloon cars
here not tiny hatchbacks

theokan89 says:

rival is bmw 3 series? don’t think so..

Peter Klemenc says:

I bet that mercedes-benz cla is better.

Seb Design says:

The car looks just like every other Audi, and that interior quite frankly,
is horrible. 

Alejandro Berro says:

The best looking sedan in the market right now

8150shaf says:

He didn’t mention any comparison to the CLA which in truth is its main

crepu33 says:

Rival to BMW 3 series ?
You must be joking !

Benjamin Copeland says:

looks like every other car on the road

LS R says:

What is next, the Audi A3,5? “Everything you need folks, bigger than the A3
but not as quite big as the A4″…and later the A3,75 “bigger than the A3,5
but…” you get the picture.

paulusandronicus says:

Love the interior 

KevinR3i says:

I love the looks of MB CLA200 but it seems that Audi A3 is more practical
and way cheaper? But i dont like the way it looks, anyone would like to
give your expertise opinion? CLA200 VS A3 VS 320d 

Sean Griffin says:

A3 are so hard to find in the US!

dev boy says:

I would pick this over the CLA. I like the styling inside out and those
alloys fitted I really like too. 

Showerlady says:

Looks cheap, the CLA did just come out. A3 = fail

gamertanafc says:

All audis starting to loon the same which is dissapointing all abit like
the a6 thankfully tho the a4 an a5 still look more unique
Still audis are audis excellent cars cant complain

Rob O'Hare says:

Think What Car have got confused with their reviews. A3 saloon hasn’t
replaced the A4 saloon therefore it shouldn’t be classed as a 3 series

Had a courtesy a3 saloon last week for a day whilst my a4 was in for a
service.. A3 has the typical easy non sporty Audi drive. Well made, but
road noise vs a4 was terrible. Very loud. Not a huge fan of the interior.
Well built but very basic looking. Mmi controls also lower res than the a4

Nice drive, nice car… but definitely a small brother of the A4. 

Jacob N says:

I love the pop up screen idea. Wish they incorporated it on the Mercs CLA

MrTheConductor says:

Audi once again have succeeded in identifying a market that…doesn’t
exist. The A4 is the direct 3 series rival so I have literally no idea why
you’d want a A3 which is slightly less practical than the hatchback
version. This is a direct Merc CLA competitor. BMW no doubt will want sort
this problem out 1 series saloon anyone?

Mehul Mitha says:

someone please correct me but what is the point of an A3 saloon when there
is an A4 available 

LS R says:

Amazing they won´t go through the trouble of changing the position of the
start button accordingly for right hand drive countries, lol…”I am going
to start the car, but I have to go to the other side to push the button”.
Small thing, but details are everything.

Rob O'Hare says:

Forgot to mention the poor headroom in the front of the a3. I’m 6,3 and my
head was brushing the roof of the car with the chair at its lowest position

MichalMalpa says:

It ISN’T a rival for BMW 3 series.

MrMagnificentMedia says:

Looks nice, but it looks too much like the VW Jetta.

Blade ManX says:

Its now 4 series, no 3 series for now. This car is pointless, they day
cheaper than a4 , but thats still 30,000 pounds

Hiluxtaco says:

I can’t wait until these are available here in the States..

Blade ManX says:

Problem with audi is they have wayyy to many cars in their production line
sporting very similar characteristics. means less attention to detail, they
have improved over the years

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