‘ 2013 Audi A4 Allroad Quattro ‘ – Test Drive & Review – TheGetawayer

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This could be the world’s best daily driver : The 2013 Audi A4 Allroad Quattro 2.0 TFSI , is Audi’s allwheel-drive version of the popular A4 Avant. I already…


AmvC says:

Das MMI ist ja lustig. “Telefon” auf deutsch und dann “Car”, “Media” und
“Tone” auf englisch :D Für “Fahrzeug”, “Medien” und “Audio” war wohl nicht
genug Platz ;)

rtownz251251 says:

Nice review of an awesome car. I can see you are very enthusiastic about
doing reviews of cars and the car itself. You try your very best to do
quality reviews and it shows! The moving camera like for example at 5:30 is
really nice. However I do have some critics. The same 5:30 moment your
camera was out of focus which was a shame because the video other than that
moment was perfect to me. Also I can see you are taking reviews very
seriously but you don’t always have to. Put across some jokes and show you
are really enthusiastic. I think that will make your reviews even more
awesome. Other than that I really liked this review and just subscribed to
your channel! Keep up the good work!

High8ctane says:

great review

Roger Langille says:

Your reviews are excellent. Among the best I’ve seen, and my standards are
very high.

Rapture77 says:

I think your reviews are the best and quite insightful .They are frank ,
with practical tips for prospective buyers .. They are personal, clear and
objective but not cold and dispassionate. I enjoy your reviews and your
dedication. I am from Malaysia and also live in the U.S.

TheGetawayer says:

Thank you my friend ! I very much appreciate your feedback and I’m glad you
still enjoy my videos !

TheGetawayer says:

Thanks !

TheGetawayer says:

Thanks for the comment , Daoud !

demon7151 says:

Nice review and even beter car.

TheWillempiej says:

So much respect for you, Guido, being a German and still doing every review
in English! Keep them up! Great review again!

Stephen Hargreaves says:

I guess you like the way Audi builds their cars – so do I. In 40 years of
driving I have owned more Porsches and Audis than anything else. I now have
a Mercedes for the first time and am very happy with it after 5000 mile
from new, especially the auto box which is astoundingly good. But I still
long for another Porsche!

OneOfOne says:

he does a really good job

TheGetawayer says:

Americans and Canadian only get the Allroad and not the A4 Avant. Offoading
is not that important to most owners according to the comments on my first
review from 2010, which has over 130.000 views. The Allroad is more
comfortable than the A4 Avant, but still very sporty. And I think it looks
cooler, but that’s just my taste.

TheGetawayer says:

Thank you my friend ! It becomes more and more natural. If I did it in my
german, I would sound like a grammar teacher :) I appreciate your feedback

IBB says:

haha if you do just start the video with “damn”.. I know benz has some
crazy reliable vehicles like the unimog, but seriously… a g amg 6×6? Has
Audi or benz ever made super vehicles like the g class?

TheGetawayer says:

You’re welcome ! Thanks for the comment !

TheGetawayer says:

Thanks, buddy ! I think in the states Audi is replacing the A4 Avant with
the Allroad…I would have to check their website to confirm this…I
personally just like the look of this car. A standard A4 Avnat with S-Line
package looks nice too, but you see too many of them here in germany

Alex Klotzbuecher says:

Another great review! Thank you for not talking about under-steer. I hate
it when journalists ruin a Audi Quattro review by going on and on about it.
99% of all people will drive their Quattro in the rain than on a track and
that’s what’s important. Keep up the good work Guido!

ProteanView says:

Groovy music Swell car I wonder if it carries the same as the Q3

SpeedchampionVGC says:

nice :D

Daoud Aqtash says:

Great review!!! Nobody can make cars like the Germans do. German cars are
the best in the world.

TheGetawayer says:

Crazy car, isn’t it ? :) I wish I could test it, trust me

gmurphyTheStig says:

Have you ever been to America? What do you think of our driving ;)?

IBB says:

Please do a review of the g class amg 6×6 please guido

TheGetawayer says:

Thanks ! I appreciate the feedback

TheGetawayer says:

Thank you my friend !

kr0pp says:

Great review and a good car but somewhat void of emotion and fun. However
for most people A4 allroad is just enough

Stephen Hargreaves says:

German car makers certainly have learnt how to make beautiful, durable
cars. Pity we never managed the ‘durable’ bit here in Britain.

TheGetawayer says:

The thing is that not that many people buy these superfast diesels like a
335d…I helped an american friend to buy a used one here in germany and we
had a hard time finding one…They cost so much new that the advantage of
saving money from driving a diesel becomes irrelavant…However: Audi has
launched the SQ5 with the 313 bhp diesel…Maybe that means that there will
be a faster A4 diesel too ?

Filip Sandberg says:

Nice weather down in Germany :) Just started snowing here in Stockholm,
Sweden, you can see and hear all the kids in their rwd Volvo’s messing
around in the ice and snow ^^

TheGetawayer says:

Thanks ! Germany is beautiful where I live. I had a great time filming this
review here

Gene Ragan says:

Great review. I am loving my 2013 Allroad. The streets of Los Angeles are
pretty bad and the AllRoad makes all those bumps, train tracks and potholes
fades away. Quite a change compared to my 2004 VW R32. I am looking forward
to ski season to see how the Allroad handles the snow and twisty mountain

Miguel Pereira says:

you’re right in the allroad, but in the normal A4 would be good and needed
to compete with bmw. The A6 allroad has that engine but it has a self
leveling suspension that alows you to lower it and it became very stable.

claug66 says:

The car has a solid appearance, nice design and it is suitable for
everything you wish. I like the fact that you always add a bit of a
landscape in your videos. Another great review!

TheGetawayer says:

It could get a bit tight to be honest. If you want a spacious backseat, the
A6 Allroad would be a better choice imo. Greetings, Guido aka TheGetawayer

TheGetawayer says:

Bei 1,94m habe ich das Problem leider häufig, bin aber schon so sehr daran
gewohnt, dass es mich nicht mehr stört. Der Audi hat ausziehbare
Schenkelauflage, was ich auch gut finde. Und solange ich die Kopfstütze
wenigstens nicht im Nacken habe, finde ich das noch akzeptabel

TheGetawayer says:

There haven’t been any dramatic changes. I’d say they are very similiar and
getting a good used one isn’t a bad choice at all. The reason why I did
another video on this car was because they now offer it in america and
canada, where many of my subscribers live. Greetings, Guido aka TheGetawayer

feebi26 says:

Great review! I’ve been waiting to see Volvo’s V60 which isn’t here yet but
I’m going to go test drive this A4 now. Thanks especially for the comment
about being seasick in the XC70 cause that’s a dead ringer for me in some
cars which I’d like to avoid. Thank you

TheGetawayer says:

You’re welcome ! Yes it’s a very nice car. The Q7 is much bigger and won’ t
corner as well as the Allroad, but yeah…Audi knows how to build
attractive cars :)

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