2013 Audi A5 2.0T Coupe quattro Manual, Detailed Walkaround

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AutoNetwork says:

wfangnxd117 I just road test for a week. for the time I had the A5 it
performed very well. met my expectations.

alex59ba says:

Dude, what color or color code is your A5?

wfangnxd117 says:

I’m seriously considering a ’14 A5 in black/black. Any regrets or options
you absolutely love? My first new car in 14 years so I’m a little nervous.
Any advice/feedback you can give would be greatly appreciated! Thanks

coolkid0100 says:

do you live in south carolina?

XxtrickshotxX100 says:

four wheel, you get more grip

Damo Cullen says:

nice car, set of rims wud finish it off ;-)

cuzimaluzer777 says:

then set a goal and get one.

Mont Michel says:

Really really good review-Nice one!

rick church says:

I’ll take one.

ventende says:

Four wheel drive, back wheel drive or front wheel drive? What’s the best in
general on all surfaces? Rain, snow, dry.

nismology says:

Not necessarily. There is always a tradeoff with each drivetrain
configuration. With AWD comes increased weight, drivetrain losses,
front-biased weight distribution and complexity/cost of repairs. It is not
universally better in any single aspect, including handling. A good driver
in the rain/snow using a 2WD w/ good tires trumps a moron behind the wheel
of an AWD vehicle, regardless of the marketing gimmicks. Now, if you live
in mountainous/snowy areas or happen to commute on a race track.

Mont Michel says:

Should be in all black though:)

GreenPanda says:

Congrats. How are you liking it?

Jay Alia says:

I appreciate the silent walk around. You basically let the car speak for
itself without going straight into all the details and rambling on about
things most people tune out just to study the body design of the car. Its
an awesome car, honestly.

Eden Maru says:

I really want the S5.. That one comes with a v8 engine. Vroom vroom!

ddferrer says:

Beautiful car!

cuzimaluzer777 says:

is it yours?

cuzimaluzer777 says:

word but the dude better reply to my questions.

Snilsson says:

Great car, I’m picking up my A5 tomorrow! Can’t wait

Dima K says:

What’s up with the check engine light?

cuzimaluzer777 says:

so is this a premium plus?

Federico Brinach says:

no handbrake??? no fun at all!!

MrSnuggles91 says:

The Audi is going to perform well in all terrain types, but it’s not going
to outperform in any…because as all all-purpose things, it’s good at
everything, but never excels in one certain thing…

Erik Martin says:

Drove this other day solid car

Chris Howell says:

i wish they would make the s5 with a manual gearbox, i’d love one of these
car’s! one day..

Daniel Cepeda says:

You just earned my like and my subscribing. Just do rev up well next time
(thought you were going to sport rev it but then i heard 3rd and 4th and
got slightly disappointed ) the rest is excellent!

cuzimaluzer777 says:

ok, nevermind. you answered me question.

tanzanialan says:

Porca puttana che classe

Dylan Herlicka says:

I. Am. First.

HangookVVS says:

@coolkid0100 did you not see the Michigan license plates?

Gashy42 says:

very nice Zen production. No loud fucker spraying. Just … the car. Nice.

papaheadkeith says:

I enjoyed that you didn’t talk.

bmwmsport11 says:

I don’t like any 2.0T equipped Audi. Don’t get me wrong, Audis are
cool(like the S5, S7, RS5, S8) but an A5 or A4 with the 2.0T engine just
doesn’t get my heart rate going…

Kenneth Degel says:

Well done

Luis Gonzalez says:

I have the same exact car color, rims, etc… Love my A5!

cuzimaluzer777 says:

does both rear seats fold down like that or just one.?

Joel Jensen says:

whats the color?

winstor adams says:

The things i would do for one of these.

Japplesnap says:

Still a nice looking car, but not nearly as nice as the 2012 models. The
new headlights are horrible and the taillights look chunkier without the
white lens strip in them.

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