2013 Audi A5 vs Infiniti G37 Coupe 0-60 MPH Mile High Mashup Review

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http://www.TFLcar.com ) So what’s the best sporty two door all-wheel-drive luxury coupe you can buy for under $50000? Is it the 2013 Audi A5 2.0T or is it…


Jason Dang says:

I’d rather take the G37 or Q60 any day.

wily zote says:

g37 all the way

William Mitchell says:

Audi A5 is my cup of tea. It looks like it rocks.

Isaac1074003 says:


Ray J says:

Audi A5 all the way with the S line trim…!

rx7sign says:

7.56 is way off. The manual sees lower 5′s bro.

0Tidgy0 says:

Infiniti looks ugly, sorry but it does. I know both German cars and
Japanese cars are built well but the Japanese didn’t put half as much
thought into other aspects. Just my opinion though…

henchmen12 says:

How the hell did that clown do 0-60 in 7.3 sec in the Infiniti? I can do
5.3 in my G37 sedan.

888TopGear888 says:

How tall are you guys? 

chris chiang says:

I would take the infiniti g37, but it is more feminine

Ralph Sequeira says:

where the fuck are you getting these 0-60 times man. It’s total bs. Both
these cars are overpriced also.
Get a 2013 mustang shelby gt500 for $54000 (662 hp 650lbs torque, 0-60 in
3.5 seconds).

Ethan Ryan says:

Audi A5 the best looking car in the world? This guy needs to get off the
German dick. 

Michael Ryan says:

Audi sucks dick

MrDiogenes OfElmhurst says:

Audi and/or BMW are not work the headache or worth the price. Infinity –
all the way!!!

diecast jam says:

i keep on wondering why they always quote worse MPG figures in US reviews,
until I remembered that a us gallon is less than an imperial gallon.

Supafly Whiteguy says:

Both are very sexy I would probably take the Infiniti though

king kong says:

yee! audi all the way?!!!

Alyson Oltmann says:

Wtf? my 03 a4 1.8t goes 0-60 in 5 sec. This review is bull

24HTH24 says:


Marc Ibarra says:

They A5 is better looking, the Infinity looks like a Nissan Altima.

Isaac Fall says:

Wow. Those 0-60 times are way off!

TheLuismondo says:

Wow man… I know this guys are right the A5 is way better car, but I’m
trying to convince myself to go with a pre owned G37 because it looses
value way faster so I can get a lower mileage with less money.
So I did this: I made my 6 year old daughter look at pictures of both and
watch part of this video and without missing a bit she pointed at car with
the 4 circles, ha-ha
I guess in the long run the Audi will be the best investment even with a
few thousands more miles.

victor nunez says:

Audi all the way, forget JDM cheap cars.

4bryan4 says:

please get ur hands on a honda accord coupe v6 manual and you will shit
your pants .. please 

ronaldo lopez says:

Where the fuck do these test channels end up paying like $20,000 more than
the average people….$50k for a fucking g37s, suck eggs

Dmitry Zharkov says:

take white rubbish away. Not even comparable 

Kaj Sorensen says:

Are you kidding me @Chris Chiang! The infinity is a mans car the Merc is
and lexus is the ladies car!

Bo Yu says:

Exactly fabulous wheels! That’s the reason why I got this car..

David Hakimi says:

I just bought an 09 A5 Quattro S-Line. In 09, they still put the 265hp
3.2l V6 in them. Not sure what Audi was thinking, getting rid of the 3.2l
as an option??? Hell of a bargain, at $29k with 55k miles on it. Why pay

Joseph B. Thomas says:

It’s not cheating u old fart. I got my 2008 G37 coupe for 45k sticker, 42k
negotiated. Without Nav & other options it can be had for sub-50k range.
Its more for the money

Tim Nguyen says:

Guys, they are at a mile above sea level. Meaning that the air density is
less than what we usually live around. That also means the car will lose
power from the thin air density because the air can’t suck in much air to
produce more power.

Adair Schultz says:

In one word… followed by 4-6 words… what? Disappointed in this review.
I’d think that most car enthusiasts (your audience) would have liked to see
a manual transmission review. 

tinysunzet says:

G37 is the way to go for me! I love mine.

54car says:

I feel like you CANNOT lose with either the Audi A5, G37(Q60)Coupe or the
BMW 4 Series. With the Audi A5 you get drop dead gorgeous styling and
something sporty/unique and well built that looks like a car twice its
price. With the BMW 4 series you get a nimble and well performing car with
trade mark BMW characteristics. The G37 coupe I feel has the best bang for
your buck. Considering its a rebaged Nissan Skyline 370 GT, you are
getting a word class Japanese sports car that will not have the
electrical/mechanical problems that can plague the audi and BMW down the
road. The worst car in this segment IMO is the C class coupe considering
the 4 series, Audi, and G37 (Q60) do everything better than that car.

kevin bharose says:

Your reviews are garbage

る産品を取り込んだご当地グ says:

Audi A5 vs G37 video post from g+

24HTH24 says:

The g37′s 0-60 is 5.2 s

chek ho says:

Audi A5 vs Infiniti G37 Infiniti G37 is best

Laweeze Morton says:

I hate when people say ” a hoot”.. ewww

XZaapryca says:

A5 looks great, but for performance go G37. For another $7K could can
throw a supercharger on it and it’ll be 500+hp. To reliably get that out
of the 2.0T you’re going to have to rebuild the motor and that’s going to
be a lot more $$$.

Jay Alia says:

They’re cheap brands whether you like it or not. You acted appalled when I
said it’s like a grandma car, but then talk about it’s safety features
being a huge reason it’s so attractive to buy. How many young adults have
you seen walking into a dealership saying “Which car has the best safety
rating?” My point exactly…

Steve Foust says:

It’s the altitude. Would be interesting to see how these cars perform at
sea level against each other. I just leased a 2013 G37 coupe and am very
pleased. I love the A5 but they didn’t have any good leases.

UNStar88 says:

The G37s is not faster than a “normal” G37. The only s model just has
bigger wheels and paddle shifters but the horsepower is the same but your
right they should have compared the s5. The G37 would still win :)

Maszzie says:

If you need more power just buy a Audi S5.

arkham781 says:

what the fuck? If I pay 50 grand for a car I want to be faster than 7.5
seconds 0-60.

Ultra Vires says:

Why compare a coupe to a sedan? Why compare a turbo four cylinder to a v6?

7moud10 says:

WTF,, u bring the fast G37s instead of the normal G37, to compare it with a
normal A5?? ,, atleast bring the S5 im not asking for the RS5,, i mean
comon thats not a comparison !! anyways thnxx!! AUDI <3

Michael Long says:

I personally find the Audi to be ugly.

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