2013 Audi A5 – Walk Around

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Chad from NRAM talks about the pros and cons of the 2013 Audi A5. Make sure to Subscribe to our YouTube Channel! If you have a video you would like us to mak…


call911ok says:

i wish the audi salesman i’ve talked to is as thorough as this guy.

Simon Fernandez says:

For the price, you get relatively low horsepower and MPG and old-looking
interior and technology when compared with other vehicles. You’re basically
paying for the logo, reliability and exterior design…Hard to sell in my

IrrepressibleGuile says:

good review

kenbefound says:

Love the beige interior!

bmmb3 says:

best audi reviews ever

cuzimaluzer777 says:

I love how “IN DEPTH” is 3:44 long…..nice.

roozbehbey says:

indeed , Quattro baby !

N. R. says:

Hey can you do a review of the ’13 A5 cab?

JailHouseDaddyDiick says:

Does it have AV cable input, to play music from your phone?

Ratm Rage says:

is it awd or not?

Minimal444 says:


Mine Craftlegend says:

Is around 40k depends on what accessories u have on it

LizzyD90210Rocks says:

That escalated quickly… Lol

Amex Gate says:

You can get a 3.5mm cable, it also has 2 sd card slots and a hard drive.

winstor adams says:

Doesn’t come with FrontTrak.

lev veniaminov says:

This is a head turner… It sits on the road as if it’s glued to it… Fuel
consumption is quite remarkable – being essentially 4WD and 300kg heavier
than my previous 2000cc car – it still manages to come within 300mL close
to the old car… Paintwork is CRAP… Paint comes off very easily, very
soft and scratches very easily no matter how well you look after it Quite
sluggish even with sports diff :(

Ratm Rage says:

is it awd or not?

Chris Anderson says:

Ratm rage. When he says quattro that means four in Germany. Audi quattro is

NewRiverAutoMall says:

It does not. But, it has a USB port for iPod integration.

Japplesnap says:

Wait—-what? I have this car and I never heard or read anywhere that
putting the key in the dash slot actually charges the battery in the
remote. I don’t think that’s an accurate statement, but please correct me
if I’m wrong.

samiyas100 says:

how much dose it cost

qaching says:


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