2013 Audi Q3 review – What Car?

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The Audi Q3 is one of the new breed of style-led SUVs. What Car? sees whether it has anything to back up a posh badge and interior. Read the full Q3 review: …


Goakofile Lekganyane says:

the leather seats my hat lovey

jonny10buds says:

Looks like a pumped up Golf to me.

VakenLeBarbare says:

Another boring car… Missing your laugh, Vicky :(

Juan Martin Soto Valencia says:

Me gustan los faros nada más …!

Eau Rouge says:

Good short review for a rubbish little van…. not much more to say anyway..

jonny5777 says:

don’t say that! you’ll give them ideas! ha

LS R says:

I don´t get this SUV thing. I am a sedan fan, and grabs my attention how
some friends, who used to love sedans, now have driven them out of their
minds. “Oh, I only consider SUV´s now because you sit high, and with the
sad state of roads, a sedan is useless”. I face crappy roads too, but don´t
drive like an idiot, and never have had problems with a sedan. But to each
one its own, if car manufacturers found a chance to extract more income,
well, that´s their ability.

Alex says:

No mention of the price?

Vaibhav Sood says:

Its a amazing car….Audi’s quality is good too and quattro the four wheel
drive system exceptionally good

arcteryx40 says:

subaru forester

nikosk87 says:

another expensive German shit…!

Neil Bishop says:

I dont know what your name is but i think your very good at short and sweet
reviews. Could you guys also compliment the short bullet point style
reviews with a more in depth video? Neil

jonny5777 says:

What a pointless little car

Eau Rouge says:

Yep…what’s gonna be next…a bloody Q1?? the supermini version of the

mateizdrnisa ne says:

what’s with video quality? it’s so blurry

Intrepid Voyager says:

VW Tiguan > Audi Q3

Gabriel Goilo says:

Wtf no power lift gate? No thank you

Tony Beasley says:

If your pram doesn’t fit, get a different pram…..

Jim Fryer says:

Audi D’s

Lindsay Suddick says:

Does the driver in this test think she looks cool with one hand on the
wheel and the other on the gear stick. Well she doesn’t. Nor does she look
cool when she changes her hand position on the steering wheel to ‘half past
twelve’ without ever gripping the wheel correctly. I am glad she doesn’t
drive my family around!

Sale_Shark says:

Skoda Yeti !!

greasemonger29 says:

Firm suspension all the way

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