2013 Audi Q5 2.0T Quattro Vehicle Overview

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Wener Alves says:

my dreams,my car!!

Timur Khalilov says:

Now my question is, do you even own a car?

Morgan Brown says:

also the wheels on this car a ugly as hell! take a look at the bmw 20 inch
y spoke rims black! and all the tyres are run flats costing at-least
£14,000 to buy brand new :D dont see that on audi cars :D go home please

Greg Skies says:

$ 47 000

Auto Ad Builder says:

You mean getting stuck in the snow all the way!

Morgan Brown says:

your are actually lost sir! i am a dentist myself :D

Emmanuel Aguilar says:

Your a complete moron!! Your analogies are 3rd grade at best!! ie..
(dentist is the poor mans doctor) what a fucking douche!! So let me ask you
this what are you going to do when your stupid ass fucks up your teeth and
need a root canal?? Now what douche? Are you going to go to the rich mans
doctor to get your tooth (teeth) FIXED?? I repeat MORON!!! Get a life buddy
or better yet go to school and finish a degree.. do something productive my

yzoooon says:

People are buying this car like cheesecakes! I can’t see to comprehend
what’s to like about it. Glk on the other hand, is a wow factor to me.

Frikiton Xplosion says:

how much would this same Q5 cost same options?

Mr Cars says:

you are dumb as fuck

Morgan Brown says:

proof in the price audi q5 2013:£29,000 proof in the price BMW X6 2012 (1
year less):£44,00 the proof is in the price the X6 is for the big boys the
wanna be’s get the Q5

1ninjatracey says:

If you’ve never owned and driven a q5 then you cannot possibly comment as
to how they handle in UK weather conditions. I have a Q5 AND a BMW X5 both
very new vehicles. I just sold my mercedes ML to buy a q5 and the luxury
level depends on which model and upgrades you choose. You cannot compare a
q5 to an x5 as they are different sized vehicles maybe x3 is more the q5
size. Ive used my q5 in DEEP snow and she never missed a beat. GREAT car.
The saying is actually ‘bmw is the poor mans mercedes’

Timur Khalilov says:

Morgan Brown, your knowledge of cars is by the worst. Just a simple fact
that you compared BMW x6, which is considered a TOP shelf Large luxury SUV
to a SMALL luxury SUV-which of course Q5 is; absolutely makes people who
read your comments dumber. The thing is in a price ha? Alright well guess
what……These are two completely different kinds of cars. Now the Real
comparison would be, is your fucking X6 better then a Fully stocked Range
Rover which is in the same category as X6?

Morgan Brown says:

ok look at your picture and name. i say no more!

1ninjatracey says:

3.0 BiTDI quattro 313PS 8-speed tiptronic 179 £35,750.00 £42,900.00
£43,870.00. You quoted basic model price with NO extras. The x6 brand new
is 46k and thats not a basic car either. It all depends on the size of car
you want. I could understand a comparison with say the Q7 ! Different
horses for different courses. It’s like comparing an x3 with an x5?! It’s
pointless they are totally different sized vehicles.

Morgan Brown says:

also from your other videos i see you review more lower class cars :’(

Morgan Brown says:

LMFAO it looks like a white van lol, there is no luxury at all the bmw x6
comes standard with a tv in the back. The audi’s are nice but their 4×4 are
terrible. they look ugly (white van man &boxy) and they are terrible in the
snow lol in the uk when it snowed loads i saw 2 crash lol not one x6 or x5
though. Audi is the poor mans BMW like how a dentist is the poor mans
doctor :D

Morgan Brown says:

ON? :D theres no point in this argument because the X6 is a different class
to the audi q5 + everyone viewing this vid is interested and wants a q5 but
i dont really know why :D

WinterfallRecords says:

Keep the camera still for 5 seconds for Pete’s sake.

aShortBusWarrior says:

Like the videos a bit better without the music.

Mr Cars says:

the audi q5′s leds alone shit on the bmw fuck outta here

Morgan Brown says:

Please :D If you have a X6 you will know! and obviously you dont have a X6!

Johny Shutoff says:

i hate my country for it`s shitty prices. An Audi q5 2.0T with the same
complectation will cost for our customers 70k $

MuffinHatred says:

I wonder which car would be better in the snow. Range Rover evoque or Audi

Timur Khalilov says:

You are not talking to me, are you?

Morgan Brown says:


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