2013 Audi Q7 3.0T Supercharged Review

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http://www.vancouveraudiclub.ca 2013 Audi Q7 3.0T Supercharged Review #VancouverAudiClub on Instagram @ VanAudiClubCa on Twitter http://www.CapilanoAudi.Com Doing a quick review on the …


extra0ful says:

What’s the name of those 2 songs from 2:46 to 3:00

giorgio44 says:

300HP?. it has a 3.0 supercharged that produces 280HP and 295 of torque,
because it weights +5600 pounds it is SLOW i have a 2008 cayenne GTS and it
is much much faster i think i will put my money toward a 2014 X5, its 3.0L
twinturbo is way better, oh and for the record i have a 2007 S4 wich i love

Moni Poppaea Di Maria says:

Thank you, that comment was verry rude. Thank you for remove it i respect
that :)

JozzieProductions says:

I’m Tryin ;)

JozzieProductions says:

No problem :), you didn’t deserve a rude comment like that.

JozzieProductions says:

Hey if you have one we can do a review together. :P

Moni Poppaea Di Maria says:

WOW, excuses me. filho da puta

Zwikster says:

Up next… The Audi R8!

JozzieProductions says:

Haha! Such a lady thing to say :P I’d buy one… i’d just have to sit low
and seat back. I’m gonna review the Q5 next as well.

Moni Poppaea Di Maria says:

I have a Audi q7 2012 black, my dream is to buy a Ferrari 458 Italia. But
if you go to Italia you can drive a ferrari 458 in Maranello if you making
a movie about the car. You can ask them , and they give you the ferrari for
about 4 hours or something. :)

Moni Poppaea Di Maria says:

then you hate porsche and ferrari

JozzieProductions says:

Removed his comment.. sorry

Moni Poppaea Di Maria says:

Ciao, ahahha :) I love luxery :) But when you gonna review the ferrari 458
Italia i hope so you review that car. Ciao

JozzieProductions says:

Tried to review the R8 today, unfortunately someone bought the model we
were going to review. Waiting on the next. Q5 TDI review coming soon

UPlayNetwork says:

I like suvs where the seats make you feel high, I hate small cars

Moni Poppaea Di Maria says:

:) LOL. Can you do the Ferrari 458 Italia for my. :) Leave the Q5 in the
garage and pick up the Ferrari

JozzieProductions says:

So do i! its a great SUV!

Felix Laurent PETTINGER says:

I like audi q7

EastSideeeeeeeeeeeee says:

what music at 2-48?

Moni Poppaea Di Maria says:

good car for a lady, plenty of room for my shopping bags and shoes :)

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