2013 Audi Q7 Sline Prestige

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This video talks about Audi’s Q7 Sline Prestige 2013 Model. Besides what has been covered in this video, this car is also equipped with front and rear parkin…


Mohammed Hafeez T.H. says:

Nice car..Q7 has always been a great looker. Buddy, do you have any clue
when the latest 2015 Q7 (“next-gen”, they say) will finally see the
sunlight? Do you think it’s worth the wait?

Settore Nord says:

AUDI .. only the name is guarantee of perfection. German cars.. no doubt. 

Piwai says:

+Justinhcy +Keya R need to get this car

stealth800 says:

Great video, beautiful Q7!

WhiteWi says:

Good review. Don’t pay attention to broke ass haters 

Kareem Kamal says:

Ugly car Porsche is the car 

John Andrew Stephen Godwin says:

Super Car Q7 This Is Sivakarthikeyan’s Black Car. 

dvieneira says:

Nice car

Scott E says:

Fuck this, explorer sport it is.

Shalin Shah says:

Excellent video! Thanks…

Blu Ray says:

My mistake :). Thanks for pointing out

austyn pollard says:

That music is so annoying

vinhhsanityy says:

that’s funny i have the exact same car as you

Ignacio Arguello says:

amazing car great review

pallmagnus says:

I think you have your prices way off there.

Blayke King says:


xxtanto79 says:

Piece of shit

Blu Ray says:

If you have the summer performance tires, for normal load : Front – 35 and
Rear 34 For loaded cards : Front 44 and Rear 49. Thanks

FoxGTR32 says:

yeah the interior looks pretty cheap

Nick Schneider says:

Nice review! I’m looking into getting one and your review was helpful, I
like how the camera is farther out bc I get to see the size of the car

Tech Stop! says:

Why did you choose this car over the gl from mercedes?

Blu Ray says:

The back seats(both 2nd and 3rd) can fold down completely to give you extra
space when not needed. All Q7 models have the 3rd row seating as standard.
Even this one does but is folded down :). I will put up another video
providing coverage of the 3rd row seat.

RVideoDesign says:

Nice video and review man

Moni Poppaea Di Maria says:


Tech Defender says:

Wait, so no push button start?

savvas Quattro says:

what a beast !!

Rando mization says:

Did you do any custom made changes to your car to make it look so sexy??

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