2013 Audi Q7 – Walk Around

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ski house says:

This guy is screaming “cheesy salesman”! ‘Cool’ sunglasses perpetuate

masar salim says:

I’m getting one

vijay Patel says:
Mark Garcia says:

Audi Q7 is great but I would have to say that it is kinda following the
paths of porsche Cayenne. If price would be the determining factor in
choosing this over cayenne, you should look out for the platinum edition as
it has highlighted a lot of features but its cheaper. You can check this
Porsche Cayenne Platinum Review

100Fahadkhan says:

How much is it?

loloxych says:

I’m touching myself on that video. Is that a normal?

Sohan Koduri says:

I’m really impressed with Audi on the Q7… it is really cheap or a car
it’s size!

jh5kl says:

i suspect the next q7 is going to be titanically superior to this one

GizmoMaltese says:

I’m tempted by the Q7 but the interiors look awful compared to the MDX
interior. But I prefer the Q7 exterior look which is best in class IMO. And
in the age of ipads with retina screens who needs the rear entertainment
crap. Better to have features that make it easy to use an ipad in the rear.

sevastiqn nqmam says:

I prefer x6 or x5

Tamal Kumar Adak says:

Its rely nice SUV Car

coffebeandragon mac says:

had audi q7 2011

mamoon cheema says:

yes there is !

mamoon cheema says:

can i connect my xbox or wii in the q7 AND if i can can you please explain
how like is there any switches i can plugg in my wii wires??

coffebeandragon mac says:

sold it 39 k

Ronald Mcdonald says:

Boring suv


I am getting it really soon!!!

bmmb3 says:

BY FAR the BEST review and description for this car, having a family I like
how you integrated the fact that kids seat room and trunk space is an
important thing whilst reviewing! Loved it.

mamoon cheema says:


S Dhamodharan pravin says:

its my dream car

austyn pollard says:

Beautiful car

1969nydrell David says:

I’m gonna get me a q7 next 6 months

Joseph Castro says:

How do you play a Wii in a car

austyn pollard says:

How much extra for the entertainment pack

Conrado Colcol says:

Nice video. Very good suv…

Amer ibrahim says:

well Q7 or A8 ?

Vik Rana says:

Tyres tooooo small. 20 or 21 inch. Mine are 21

Goo Gle says:

Um… if you get REAR-ENDED, the luggage will hit hard the trunk lid, not
the rear of the back seats… ;-))

Waziri Bonoko says:

is there a suspension lowering button in the trunk?

Bilal Gokteke says:

very nice car

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