2013 Audi RS5 Cabriolet – WINDING ROAD POV Test Drive

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For the best video experience, we recommend wearing a good set of headphones. The audio in this video was recorded with binaural microphones that, when playe…


ChowdongsFameCrew says:

, 2:45 ;OOO



TonyTube407 says:

Pure delicious.

Nehal Chaturvedi says:

Finally a red deception

TonyTube407 says:

I just put a deposit down on a used 2013 RS5 today. Thanks, Winding Road.

Manuel Jamas says:

why get that car in cabrio???????

Eden Maru says:

I wonder if this driver has a big cock. Just by looking at his hands, I can
imagine he has a good size package 

peguesemiles43 says:

that 0-60 run at 5:53 <3 

miguel sanchez says:

love u video keep putting more :)

Harvey Duncan says:

@7:15, no need to explain.

jdmchriz says:

Awesome video bro! clearest videos on youtube. 

themacgenius97 says:


Inforheinmain Inforheinmain says:

Very nice movie :-)

Dany Abdou says:

Goes fasters

haider ali says:

Love the wheels

Jakov Sekelja says:

this car is alive, who press gas at 1:05?? o.O

Sam Card says:

WOW that basically where i live!

MRQQ9 says:

They never speed. You’re driving an RS5, push the goddamn throttle.

Игорь Папанцев says:

bmw e 93 THE BEST!!!))

datboidroc says:

Seems to me the 300 srt8 is getting more rubber, does the srt8 have more
power or is this audi awd?

drovid008 says:

this car is my dream i swear…

xristos gadgetmaniacs says:

Press the gas a little more…

Clarince dde says:

I can hear the road inside.

roozbehbey says:

Dream car , Absolutely stunning . 

sugg3r says:

no roll bars?

Rohan says:

you are literally an idiot.

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