2013 Audi RS5 Coupe – Sunroof Interior Mount

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Testing GoPro mount angles GoPro Hero3 Black on suction mount, mounted on sunroof glass of a 2013 Audi RS5 1080x24fps, spot ON, protune ON, auto WB Valves op…


Niki Balboa says:

cool Video budy

isa akram says:

What colour is it?

HASEI says:

When will a new video with the RS5?

isa akram says:

Nice car

jpan08 says:

Oh you’re Asian?

Stacey McGrath says:

Would love to own the RS5 and stick a supercharger on it! :-))

Zalonka says:

Broke college life sucks lol… must be nice.
My cousin has a neighbor who owns a Black 2012 rs5, black 2012 is250, and a
2013 Maserati GT matte black. If I had that much cash I would own a few

Cohen20chelseafc says:

What a superb vehicle!!! Good driving man…

PersianBoyShayan says:

Np, why did u sell you’re S5? The S5 is a also a really good car.

awakenosiris says:

Im from long island and i have à 2013 phantom black pearl RS5. Maybe we can
meet and i can get some advice.

Eden Maru says:

How many mpg does it get on highway?

Rolando Ramirez says:

Next time you test drive a vehicle chose an other road to do so … It is
so classy to see some one who never had anything,and when they do they want
everyone to notice … Slow down bro!!!

Tom Lin says:

Great color, my previous S5 was phantom black. Did you go with Ti pkg?

jbdadizzle says:

hows the maintenance fee and gas for the RS5? how much do you have to spend
to fill up the whole tank?

jbdadizzle says:

ahh thats not bad at all……. thats actually pretty good but i bet that
you have to get the tank filled quite often right? you probably cant stay
off the gas pedal haha. thats how it is for the gtr. i have to put 70 from
low fuel to full and i do that almost twice a week haha

Tom Lin says:

I do, when it requires me to steer with two hands; putting around town like
that I just rest it on the stick.

awakenosiris says:

Are you from new york

jbdadizzle says:

I loved your video. Very Nice Car man. I have a 2010 gtr and the only other
car i would trade that with is the RS5 and nothing less than that

Ariel Campos says:

Beautiful car Bro!

jbdadizzle says:

hahaha the funny thing is that my dad makes all the money for the family
and hes driving the crappiest car of us all haha i have a 2010 gtr and a
2011 cts and my mom has the range rover and he has a infinity ex37 lol that
things half of what my moms car is hahaha but i dont like my moms range
rover, she had it for a year now and theres rattling noises already

Tom Lin says:

Probably, there’re always cops around. Especially these past few months,
they’re out in force; check points everywhere and traffic traps at
intersections, pulling everyone over that remotely blocks the box.

sean kealey says:

man it seems like its impossible to get one right now. There are only a few
hundred left to ship to the US and im freaking out trying to find one! haha
great car though. Congrats

Tom Lin says:

Baller! haha, autobiography packages are great! I sat in the newly
redesigned RR at NYIAS and man was that interior sexy. Puts my RS5′s
interior to shame.

Tom Lin says:


Tom Lin says:

Yea, I have buyer’s remorse in that department. Damn you impulses!!! Good
thing it’s a lease, as soon as I can I’m returning it and getting a
grocerymobile lol.

Tom Lin says:

Yea, I rent a outdoor spot in a private lot.

Tom Lin says:

thanks. lol too much. as soon as I can give it back I’m going to swap to
something else.

Tom Lin says:

hahah totally just scratching!!

Tom Lin says:

If I were to return it now I think it would be a Range Rover Sport just
cause it’s cheaper and more utility, since I’m only using it for utility
anyway. I can get a trailer for the bike! haha. But who knows in 3yrs right?

tilmonr says:

What color is your car?

Tom Lin says:

Yea that’s why I jumped at the chance when I learned that my dealership had
one allocated and unspoken for. Thanks! good luck finding one!

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