2013 Audi RS5: Naturally Aspirational – Ignition Episode 32

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On this episode of Ignition, Carlos Lago heads north to Sonoma Raceway to test the 2013 Audi RS5. After flogging the 450-horsepower German super coupe around…


Motor Trend Magazine says:

Naturally Aspirational: We take the 2013 +Audi USA RS5 through the track
and canyons in the latest Ignition episode!

Jairo Robredo says:

2013 Audi RS5: Naturally Aspirational – Ignition Episode 32

Kaysan Morgan says:

A big red .357 Magnum on wheels!

Great RS5 Motor Trend w/ track test/review

Gah! Such a beautiful car!

Riliwan Sanni says:

Absolutely brilliant car from +Audi USA 

Stratton Hibbs says:

That interior is HIDEOUS!!! It’s equipped about as well as a ford focus st
or volvo s60 T6. Oh, and did I mention that it is not as comfortable?
What a waste of money. Well, I must admit, i’m impressed that audi has at
least gone naturally aspirated. Other than that, I’ll take the much better
looking/handling/equipped/cheaper/faster CTS-v.

Brian Hubbell says:
Mohammed Al Hilly says:

how much money is audi rs5 2014 coupe 

Ajith Kumar says:

Naturally Aspirational: We take the 2013 +Audi USA RS5 through the track
and canyons in the latest Ignition episode!

Evan Halley says:

I’ll take one. #Audi #RS5

RollsRoyce122 says:

Take the audi

ellasOLE22 says:

why no track info though? 0-60, 1/4 mile, figure 8 and g force tests like
in all the other Ignition episodes

Savdar Meas says:

Loved it

xDLXSFx says:

I want your job!

jenny from japan says:

yawn. yawn, yawn, yawn.

Erick Munoz says:

I keep hoping this reviewer will improve, but he only gets worse. In this
review he commits the following inexcusable errors:
1. He says the car is better with a DCT. Why? A version of this engine was
available in the S5 and the manual had a huge take rate and received praise
from critics. That statement needs to be explained.
2. He calls it a “german sedan”, presumably accidentally toward the end of
the video.
3. He claims the steering is tough to dial in. Ok, this could be
insightful. But why is it “too heavy” in one mode? Compared to what?
Besides, it seems pretty difficult to call steering heavy but also
criticize it for lacking feel. Are we to believe audi present a steering
option that is disconnected from the road but extremely heavy to move?

It is not an easy job but given his experience making these videos the
quality needs to improve. In today’s world of instant access to information
a video of a special car like this should answer questions and provide
insight beyond what is easily available in an online forum or brochure.
Motor Trend needs a lot of work to reach that point. 

Stephen Cieslak says:

These are touring cars, period.

Khalil Missaoui says:

belle ville

brettq14 says:

i heard a lot of talking and not much of that engine. I got a fever….u
know the rest

True 77 says:

Is Audi a reliable brand? or do people run into a lot of problems within a
few years?

jenny from japan says:

4:30 – you really admire audi for putting such a “high-revving v8″ into the
rs5, going against what other manufacturer’s are doing right now.

that might have been a fair statement except for the fact that, as you said
earlier in the video, this isn’t actually a new car – it’s been in the
(world) market since 2010. not to mention that bmw already did this kind of
high-revving v8 in 2008, based on their high-revving v10 from 2006.

T Yacob says:

one of my two, favorite auto reviewers. delineating info !!

Shunsui Uchida says:

cant decide between this and merc’s new cla 45 amg

Tony Ho says:

Didnt like the front fiscal…

Pedro Pires says:

2013 Audi RS5: Naturally Aspirational

Markley92 says:


mcolegt says:

Excellent video, keep up the good work MT

waltermerron says:

BMW already did the high reving v8 in a lighter well connected more nimble
car. Now the new m3 and m4 are coming out and they look to be magnificent.
Audis playing catch up in this market. Rs7 is nice though 

hulkhatepunybanner says:

Who better to review the proverbial “douche-bag car”…?
(You all know where I was going with that.)

Ninad Ganore says:


葉辰 Leslie says:

5:16what a beautiful scene

Porsche 919 Hybrid says:

Quattro is what Audi calls their AWD drive system. It is the same for Acura
and SH-AWD. It is still AWD. Quattro is simply the setup and technology
from Audi.

Mr. Cala says:

i like all the 3 germans cars of this class( M3.C63 AMG and audi RS5)
dipendends all about the taste of enyone.all the three cars have diferences
that for someone are nice and for the others no…. enought with comparing
them because have no sense

Lapis Lazuli says:

This car fails in the most important department: aesthetics!

Roy Batty says:

this is the most boring, dry review, of what should be a fun car

ellasOLE22 says:

get your head out of your ass. America isnt the only country in the world
man. The rs5 has been out for 3 years……..

Nicolae Zota says:

Think about a 1967 shelby gt500cr body with all the suspension and diff
stuff from the rs5 and has a 2013 super snake engine with 800hp. Awesome
for the ones who know what i`m talking about. Respect!

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