2013 Audi RS5 Review

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This is a review of the 2013 Audi RS5 by Jeff Glucker of Hooniverse.com.


ChillinLikeAVillain says:

I’d rather get a new Corvette stringray instead, same price and it looks
better, and performs a lot better.

Peter Gregorian says:

Sure you could get a used GTR or a Vette, but the RS5 is perfect for
everyday driveability and capable enough to keep up on the track!

Ben Worsnop says:

I think I would have got bored with this car after a few days and wished I
would have spent my money elsewhere. 

aihposlkjhgfdsa says:

Can you do a review on the 2014 Mercedes-Benz CLA Class please!

Get4Instinct says:

what camera is being used to make this video? like in the 0:50.

Wayne Williams says:

Be a driver and get one – it is one of the finest automobiles. Many a great
run up the Vantage Mountain outside of George, Washington!

flatblackbm says:

This is a press car, he did not select the options. The only idiot is you.

naperking says:

You’re not a D-Bag? But I thought you were dynamic?

MultiBillionPork says:

Prices ? In Singapore this beast cost SGD490,000 which is about 300,000EUR. :(

Narrowc ross says:

You sure about that? I’ve heard the A5 will come out late next year as a
2015 model, so I’d imagine it would be the same with the RS5

allan klueckman says:

I like your shirt

flatblackbm says:

Next rs5 is coming in 2016.

RocketSurgeon says:

Average salary is under 50k a year here in the U.S……

RUS38 says:

I guess “spoiler” comes from the word spoil and that is what they do, they
spoil the good look of a car. Useless stupid thing.

sinoperture says:

Ha! He wears sneakers and jeans. What a derp.

sinoperture says:

Good point – otherwise it is just a form of ABS if it brakes certain wheels
as opposed to driving more torque through one. I’d love an RS5 but at 190K
it is too much, the TTS here was only 115K so much more affordable for same
speed – but less size and no v8 burble. Hope the gen3 TT-RS comes with
torque vectoring!

A Simon says:

Then don’t complain about an option that could have been easily selected.
If you looked at other RS5′s you would see that. It’s that simple.

Troy Craig says:

If you weren’t a D-Bag, you wouldn’t use the term D-Bag. D-Bag!

mikealanzo says:

You got my vote!!! a real asshole if you want my opinion…..

TonyTube407 says:

Did you just compare the RS5 to the Z06? Please.

Narrowc ross says:

Price is worth it, quick and good looking and good interior. I dont know
why he didnt mention 0 to 60 times but aside from that the review was good.
My only issue with a car like this is the new generation is coming rather
soon late 2014 I think

race11100 says:

This guy has no clue; he is comparing this car to Z06 which is not even in
the same league!!!! This car competes with M3 and C63 AMG…

race11100 says:

What a stupid comment ” I’m not going to put the spoiler up because I’m not

95rollin1 says:

Maximizes at 174 I believe.

Tristan Rios says:

The Zo6 is plastic… That’s enough for me not to buy it…

Jeff Glucker says:

Dude… I drove the car Audi selected. I didn’t pick one option on the car.
It’s in their fleet for journalists to drive.

Jeff Glucker says:

I’m comparing on price… also, the Z06 would destroy it.

weeehgee says:

car sounds like a weed wacker wtf

Bruce Grimes says:

It does out handle and outperform tm outgoing m3 however you can get an
outgoing one for 35 to 45 thousand

tuaregAs says:

75000$? Here in Portugal the base RS5 costs 115000€ :O

Jeff Glucker says:

Good point. I too would probably prefer the RS5 from the standpoint of
having it as an every day car. Hell, I’d wind up with the C63 AMG and grin
like a mad men every day of the year.

Ja Sum says:

In Germany the base costs 80,000€ (105,000$)

Frank Assnot says:

$70k+ for a freakin RS5? NO THANKS. You can get a 6 Series BMW, Jaguar
sports Sedan, Vette (like he mentioned), a BAD ASS Porsche Cayman with all
the trimmings, you can even get a moderately used Nissan GTR at that price
point. At that price I would even get the A6, A7, or A8,

ewt415 says:

You look like the guy who starred in some of WongFu’s videos

Omer Usanmaz says:

and in turkey, 300,000$ that is 584,000 TL that is if you can afford worlds
most expensive gas (3.2 times of that in the US) and tax worth of approx
10,000$ every year. But, you get to drive without rules :)

A Simon says:

If he is gonna complain about it I don’t give a shit if it’s a press car or
not, if he had the option to get it, but he didn’t, he can take his
complaints and shove them up his ass.

Sergio Laurean says:

How did u get that rode closed??

flatblackbm says:

Exactly, how dare he compare this to that plastic POS from GM.

mikealanzo says:

This guy reminds me of someone I dont like very much, someone I’d rather
see dead, a cocky motherfucker who thought he knew it all. well Mr D-bag,
your review sucks ass with that asshole attitude of yours! A hint: Take a
look at some Carlos Lago reviews! and drop the fucking attitude! Til’ then,
you are Mr D-bag in my book! Asshole…..

sdm107 says:

poor man’s top gear

Sikhhh says:

Lmao haha 2 weeks my friend lol just landed on the dock yesterday. 4-5 days
for customs they said which i thought was bullshit.

sinoperture says:

Australia. R8 V10′s are a few grand shy of half a Mil. Really sad state of
affairs. Apparently other countries are worse though. But Australia is a
big country with good roads – it is meant to be driven on unlike say
Malaysia or Norway.

Sikhhh says:

it does every person does not drive it correctly, with torque vectoring you
need to hit the throttle going into corners hence deleting understeer thats
why he said feels like the car wants to meet the railing because the car
knows to push in corners and it can handle it but nobody does it.

naperking says:

Just get your car already and post videos immediately so I can comment on
your own vids too lol

SimpleLilium says:

This is such a beautiful car, I wish they have m3 handling… This is
probably the only reason keeps me from buying it

Atmyown8 says:

Your videos kill saabkyle’s

Jeff Glucker says:

a little bit of this, a little bit of that…

sinoperture says:

I should qualify my statement. Amongst the type of people that want a
prestige euro car. I don’t mean the entire populace average salary. So
assuming an average person of age 30-40 with university education and 10-15
years work experience they would be pulling a salary in range of 120 to
220K AUD/USD. So 75K is a bargain! Especially as a novated lease over 3-5

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