2013 Audi RS5 Test Drive & Review

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Select “Original” quality for 4K resolution. Sponsored by Audi of Alexandria. Steve takes us on a test drive of the ultimate accessory the 2013 Audi RS5. Thi…


Nicky Larson says:

This car is a beauty and a beast!

netman88 says:

yeah.. great video.

Reginald Lamb says:
Tian Cai says:

Steve is my religion.

Ziqiang Cheng says:

Plz review the new M3/M4 when they come out. I love your videos, best car
review ever. 

mark marshall says:

love this guy, he is the reason to watch

alex59ba says:

why i’m watching this brilliant review over ‘n’ over again if i can’t
afford even famous AUDI ski bag?

Dylan Taylor says:

Dope intro

QueChow says:

very nice is beatiful

GamerFan399 says:

The dudes a badass, love this review!

Pabloottawa P says:

Well done, a bit clarkson wannabe-ish but all around a well made vid. Great
car but the Stronic system still breaks down too often to be deemed
reliable. Your better off with manual.

SkateborderX12 says:

I cant wait to make enough money to buy one of these things!

Cornelius Lister says:

This is probably my favorite car review of all time. Absolutely love your
work man!

thesmileyone69 says:

Needs a Capristo and then it is perfection!

geepriest says:

Michael Douglas, is that you?

FsFredOfficial says:

Gorgeous review. I just wish you did reviews more often, they are amazing

linkxx11 says:

Honestly, to me Audi, Mercedes, and BMW are pretty much tied. This is
coming from a guy who owns a BMW M3. This RS5 is absolutely stunning. I
would definitely take it over an M3/4/5. 

William M says:

You make me wanna come all the way down from NJ and buy cars from you
Rosenthal. Loved your 3 series movie, Maybe include a little bit more
infotainment aspects would be good also. One great question: what’s your
ride Steve? 

swetomboy says:

Audi = Pure Perfection Performance

Erv Mak says:

Whats the average price ?

Roman Ash says:

sounded more like a commercial than review…


great video :-)

J Seeber says:

I am so happy to have found your beautifully produced and very informative
reviews but… please, oh please, press those beautiful cars through some
hard corners. Let’s see how they eat up curves! Keep up the great work. 

youdubie says:

This dude looks like he gets super high 

Nathan Tucker says:

Ye.. rrss’

Ismail Yakubu says:

Intro to this video was soooooo smug! And I loved it

MaxLife MDK says:

2160p 4K :O

Matias Gonzalez says:

this is my favorite car, and this REVIEW was BOSS he nailed it!

traxxas35 says:

Haha! Coolest review I’ve ever seen. 

ocalaeyeguy says:

4.5… Way too slow for Quattro v8 in this price range…

Stephen Meyer says:

Subbed. Bad ass review :)

Ninad Ganore says:

i never ever thought that anyone in the world could be a better presenter
of a car other top gear….the 1st quarter was an amazing introduction of
the car!

Harshill Matta says:

the review was BOSS just BOSS
i like the attitude in which it was done :)
the first few minutes were jaw dropping 

Cenk Ersöz says:

who is this guy? a dealer ? a actor? or company owner?

smokepiff1992 says:

Sounds evil 

MultiXsunnyx says:

4k resolution omg !!!!!!!

Junaid Ansar says:

Definitely the best car reviews going

Dinesh Maharaj says:

i want one in red!

Harpreet Bhullar says:

Do more reviews, I love your works well as everyone else!
Your viewers and subscribers will only increase from here on out.

the1mdriver says:

Do you hand pick your comments or are there that many half-wit wannabes
jumping at the chance to suck a little Rosenthal €%!&? I’m sorry for being
so harsh but really there is so much potential when you have the good
camera work and access to such a range of great cars. The problem is you
have no one with any sense or balls enough to tell you what should be
edited and what is worth keeping! I will admit you have your moments but
all too often the comments fall into totally worthless content I would be
disappointed to hear coming out of a teenage boy so its more than a little
revolting to hear a late-middle age man speak like a complete idiot about
automobiles that are truely inspiring feats of engineering, wrapped in an
artistic expression of power in motion that is the modern sports car.

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