2013 Audi S4 AWD vs 2013 Volvo S60 T6 AWD R-Design! – Head 2 Head Ep. 34

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On this episode of Head 2 Head, Motor Trend’s Jonny Lieberman pits the 2013 Volvo S60 T6 AWD R-Design against returning contender, the 2013 Audi S4. Before h…


jamessi Ten says:

The chinese spoiled the volvo

TheOhknows says:

More control? Well, I feel like I more control when I can shift for my
self. Plus, it’s more fun. My last car had a dual clutch, which was great
shifting quickly, but more expensive to maintain. My new car has normal
tranny & I don’t miss having a dual cutch at all… The only reason I drive
an auto now is because I older & live Los Angeles lol

mgibbs88 says:

Supercharging is not a form of mechanical turbocharging. It’s the other
way around. A turbocharger is a turbine driven supercharger, they used to
be called turbosuperchargers. It is correct to say a turbocharged car is
supercharged, because that just means it has an air compressor. It is not
correct to say a supercharged car is turbocharged, because it lacks an
exhaust turbine, that is where the word turbo comes from.

The Aviation says:

Audi fanboy…

Darkmatter28031 says:

The editing in this video is hilarious!

But anyways, I think the S4 is the best car for a guy who WANTS a sports
car, like a Corvette or something, but because of family/wife/practicality
issues HAS to get a sedan. You can still have fun with it, drive in
style/comfort AND have the practicality of 2 extra doors. Considering it’s
a luxury sports sedan and not a sports coupe, I could live with the
understeer. Also, the manual not being in the car is fine because of the
DCT. If you want the manual driving experience a Miata, FR-S, Muscle car,
M235i or a Corvette is what you want. The Audi’s DCT makes it more usable.

jelly1928 says:

Literally forgot Volvo even exsisted

Reza Atabaki says:

Audi’s philosophy is to put the engine in front of the axel to create more
space in the cabin.

Moi MacArt says:

If you want the Volvo to win. Just talk about what happens in case of a
head on accident between the two.

johnny rex says:

Vulva! I like:)
Volvo? me no like:(


U fucktard volvo were premium business standard in 08 and they lead in
machanics cuz they use smaller engines, turbo and super charge them and
therefor they get awesome mpg and a little bit better and anyway out of
interest I was comparing the rs7 and the v70 d5 and I was like Audi are
retards cuz they need a 6 cyclender 3.0 to beat volvos 0-60 by .1 but
anyways Volvos new t6 with polestar that is being released in June 2014 is
getting 4.9 350 bhp and 6500rpm but u can but it standered and get it tuned
somewhere else and you’ll most likely get better stats than that cuz
polestar doesn’t exactly give u the best stats

M67v says:

That’s not a Polestar. If it was, it will destroy the Audi.

John Hyun says:

Because of all this “polestar” talk I actually went to a video to check it
out. It costs 300k…. these idiots that say that it can run circles around
s, amg, m cars well no shit if it costs 300k… might as well do a head 2
head against a R8 and the R8 would destroy the polestar.

AztekDJ says:

Did he say it was the Polestar at 12:12, I sure that’s what he said..!

AztekDJ says:

What is this guy going on about at 3:10 onwards..??
Volvo’s engine layout is transverse, the same set-up as in the Lancia Delta
Integrale, this set-up in the Lancia gave it amazing handling and with
maximum torque at 2500rpm, then the turbo coming in soon after made it win
every rally from 1989-1994 the most famous rally car of all time.
I think Volvo have got it spot on in that department, though it should have
a manual box, or semi-automatic with flappy paddle. Your should also check
out the Volvo S60 Polestar..!!

Alaatin61 says:

Check my channel for more volvo

Antwon Jenkins says:

I drove a new S60 at work and even though it was one of the 5 cylinder
models, and not the top of the line 6 cylinder ones, it hauled ass. That
car is no joke.

Calvin Pollard says:

Ripping Volvo to shreds lol

Cristi Ursu says:

And sth else, you think the clutch is lazy? Go and fkin buy a manual u

ArkTiger4c says:


Rob D says:

Hope volvo takes some pointers from your review. I own a 2003 awd s60 2.5l
and love it but with some of the said improvements would make it even

neil borodkin says:

good review

Gordon Mccracken says:

Paddle shifters are available on newer Volvos.

Christiansdad2011 says:

Great review.

001FJ says:

I love your reviews. Keep up the good work.

Vedang P says:

7:30 haha made my day

Cristi Ursu says:

Are you a volvo hater? Only a volvo haters talks like that about volvos, I
think a volvo is more premium than any german sh!t! Why? Because my 97 v40
smoked a 2000 a6 so don’t tell me audi is better, I had an audi and was all
cr@p cheap interior, bad performance, check engine was always on, I hated
that car, it was a 98′ a4, don’t want to think at it anymore, screwed my
life then, damn! 

Darkmatter28031 says:

Why East-West layout for an Inline 6 engine?
Because Volvo.
Why a fucking phone built into the center display instead of a radio?
Because Volvo. 

Michael Hansen says:

This video is really like comparing a pig to a puma….. I don’t care about
that weirdly designed baby blue Volve – The Audi S4 (2013) is just great.

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