2013 Audi S4 First Drive and Review

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http://www.TFLcar.com ) The 2013 Quattro Audi S4 and Audi A4 have been refreshed and revitalized with new and more modern sheet metal, revised headlamps an…


EDKsurly says:

I own this car, i freaking love it. Quality materials, smooth ride, tight
handling, powerful acceleration, etc. :)

814gt says:

Suspension and refinement is amazing in this car. Bumps and jumps? Horrible
review of one of the best sedans in the world for 50-60k. 

xikefocus says:

That’s human cruelty, put that guy in the trunk :)

Ikuorai says:

Bad review is bad. Not really any info in there at all.

Trucho says:

No effort put into this review. As a result, the info given is inaccurate
and misleading. For example, 0 to 60 is not 5 seconds but more like 4.4
seconds. Also the ride is great. It’s much, much smoother than my previous
car (Lexus IS 250). It’s definitely not hard nor does it rattle you. The
car is beautiful all around!! Extremely fast with an awesome exhaust note.
One year after purchase, I still look forward to driving it every afternoon
after work!
Hey guys, do your job. Invest a little effort into your reviews, and I’ll
be a fan.

bsluxuryprep says:

This was utterly terrible. First and last review I’ll watch from these

david dykeman says:

Nathan are you proud of your 250 pounds? Terrible review of a great car.

hanwaisproperty says:

Why so many dislikes!? such haters!

gene978 says:

I like it when me and smiled inside the car trunk and said 250 pounds

kevinmsft says:

I have S4. Yes it’s significantly better than A4. Let’s face it, A4 is not
the review / sales leader in its ultra competitive segment, with Lexus IS,
Volvo T60, Infiniti G and BMW 3 series. But S4 is almost incomparable at
50k segment, it just handily beat the closest competitor BMW 335i. If you
only need 2 seats, definitely check out the sexy S5.

srq897 says:

Probably the worst car review ive ever seen. Not funny.

esoterictrini says:

wait no Chris Harris in this video?

ZNormT6 says:

Woulden’t compete with the Volvo S60?

Sunny Fung says:

I think they should have side the RS5, from what I know the RS5 is Audi’s
answer to the RS4 here in North America…

Bob Marley says:

Mine is almost here! Arrives in 2-3 weeks depending on the trucker. Just
arrived at port in Texas. Prestige package, sport rear differential,
upgraded leather seats, the works! In 1993 my friends dad bought an S4 and
its been my dream car ever since. Can’t wait to get it, literally a dream
come true especially coming from someone that use to live in their car

Bterrill25 says:

Do more dodge dart reviews I’m looking into buying it

brain96969 says:

Jaguar makes some of the most beautiful cars. When I was 10 years old, my
favorite car was Jaguar E type. Wish that Jaguar had continue to improve it
like Porsche did with it’s 911

Marc Wiedman says:

These reviews dont really tell me anything..

Illmatic662 says:

Nathan sounds like this guy who does dubbing for an Anime. I’m probably
wrong though.

lance lanceislike says:

thanks for not pissing us off lol….

TheEryk03 says:

All looks the same BEAUTIFUL. Audi is amazing.

MrFunk says:

THAT WAS REALLY LAME. And inacurate. It is not hard and harsh and like a
sports car. Why would we get mad if you do 0-60 pulls? 0-60 is 4.7 seconds
actually. The RS4 is most likely NOT coming to NA. This was not funny and
the information SUCKED. Big fail guys.

Rahu Sh says:

Please dont stop doing the real world 0-60s. Most of us love those numbers
when you guys do real world testing. Not all of us are Randy Pobst who
sprint the car with no tire spin or in a perfect launch. The numbers you
folks provide are the numbers which are very identical to real world 0-60.
Been there, done it, matched it and thus, subscribed it!!!!

loopba says:

Where is the V8

soumikcha says:

Y didnt u do da 0-60? Forget da hater

Yahui Zhu says:

He should put his cap back on, looks much better!

FlyingPinguin88 says:

The reviews out there just re-reads the information and specs of the car.
Your reviews however, give opinion as well as a hint of originality. Your
reviews are really different, but gets the point across in a good way. Move
aside the haters, and continue to make these amazing videos about these
awesome cars. You guys are awesome and funny people, and I hope you guys
understand people who like your videos can overcome haters. Great videos :)

spl1011 says:

the back seat is not bad in the S4, but in the allroad its “dramatically”
cramped? It’s the same interior on both cars. Same story with your A5
cabrio teaser – looks like you fit there too with Nathan driving.
Consistency, gents… I only bicker because I am secretly jealous.

brain96969 says:

I had German as well as Japanese cars and both were very reliable. The
difference is in handling, German cars go around corners like if they were
on rails. Also, after Fukushima, buying a Japanese car is like playing
Russian roulette because of the radiation. If you don’t like German cars
you can buy American or Korean cars that are not radioactive like the
Japanese cars

minibus1351 says:

nathan’s not bad

Steve Xu says:

Really love u guys… Give out personal and honest opinions and tell us the
disadvantages of the car. Excellent!!!!

Evans Cheruiyot says:

how does this compare to the bmw 335i ? which would you recommend?

ACCORDingtoTom says:

The ending. OMG.

Kevin Houle says:

Such a fitting neighborhood to do most of ur shots in (looks like Shock
Hill) I’m sure you saw a # of S4, M3, Evoques, some GL-Class and I’m sure
someone living there has a G-Class (G63 -AMG -that bastard- jelous much
-yes ;) sitting in their heated driveway… when I win the lottery – that
is were I’m buying a lot -

troublesome4point1 says:

Is this a review?

Nathan Saelens says:

I still like the 3 series better.

brain96969 says:

Yeah, Germans make the best cars in the world. Bimmer or Beamer, The
Ultimate Driving Machine says it all about the BMW and soon you will have
one, the dream car M3 :)

Loping Camshaft says:

I love German cars. I WILL own an E46 M3. To my knowledge, Beemer is for
the BMW motorcycles and Bimmer is for the cars.

jose eduardo Moreno says:

man in black! hehe sweet!

Robert B says:

Its a Sport sedan morran not a simple sports car. First try to be more
serious about introducing german engineering.

ProteanView says:

These guys are better suited to reviewing American cars.

nathan adlen says:

We simply could not find a road in Beaver Creek, CO where we could do a
test run. Thanks for noticing and thanks for watching!

tim3058 says:

Roman are you sick or something? You sound congested.

soap gt says:

thats clearly not a chrome mirror .. it’s aluminum

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