2013 Audi S4 Test Drive & Review

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The 2013 Audi S4 is here! Steve gives us a thorough tour of Audi’s new midsize sports sedan.


BboySlashGNR says:

why’s the intro so epic hahahaha. great review!

Michael Hansen says:

When Audi made the new RS4, they were affraid it would be in competition
with their own RS5 .. But when they made the S4, you just get the feeling,
they were affraid of nothing at all.
Such a great package it is..

ayzee12 says:

Great review cool dude

Vavazelus says:

“nice knob”! LOL

blr123123 says:

Great review. What’s his name….?
Is Audi, India looking to launch Audi S4 in India…..?

Adil Chawala says:

I like this car because its similar to a sports car and it is a luxury

Henry says:

A much better review, I used to deliver cars to customer’s homes working at
a local audi deal, and I loved driving S4′s amazing and beautiful car,
especially in the 6 speed!

trainzandtrombones says:

Only problem with Audi is the under-steer. Otherwise perfect.

SNOO DN says:

plz do a review on 2015 S3 , I don’t know which should i get, this s4 or s3
which to me is sportier look…

benzfen says:

This car have a big problem and a small one…
The small one is called Avant!
The big one is called RS ;)

However I really enjoy your video the slight humor and the shooting work
and the quality – well done!

Steve C says:

P.S. Audi actually pipes in engine sound through a speaker. Seriously.
It’s interesting but seems fake… not that it stopped me from buying one.

I. Anderson says:

Nah Id rather have a galaxy S4.

William M says:

first time on youtube to see 2160p…..T.T

MCdie says:

Can you make a review on the 2014 Audi A8L W12 ?

Michael Lakin says:

this guy is great ! great review, makes it fun

posro1988 says:

too bad you don’t get the avant

Ma Wue says:

We build cars for drivers and not to provide nicly placed cup holders.
Greez from Germany


make up really

Divyanshu Chauhan says:

mann…u r so guddd

PTR Decani says:

Took a ride in a audi s4 yesterday. omg that car is sick. So fast and
agile, and it had a really nice sound when going beyond 5000 rpm. Thanks to
the quattro, the car felt really stabile and had a lot of grip, even in

Amazing car.

BGoodsJohnny says:

Oh my… Audi is just.. sexy. Love their cars.

terder123 says:

i like this guy. great review!

jannah4u69 says:

I agree one of the best reviews on a car ever. Excellent

Terry Tran says:

I love this guy

Tiecong Li says:

Top Gear style rocks. 

Marco Fois says:

What is it with americans and their damn cup holders?

Michael Wooley says:

This is my first ever “Rosenthal” video. I’m looking up Audi’s because I’m
thinking about purchasing one sometime in the future. Definitely
subscribing. Fun to watch. 

Jen Drummer says:

I’m 17 determined to get this by 19 I have a job and all the money is going
for this car I really can’t wait at 18 I’m going to build my credit then
get it when I have a good down payment if needed 

Flossy Ry says:

Love this guys reviews, just does a great job. LOL at the haters. 

Robert Doci says:

picked this over the bmw 335 and benz c350 and do not regret it at all this
car is a monster

Stephen Choo says:

the “s” actually stands for supercharged

Dorian Starnes says:

4.4 seconds 

Enrico Frianeza says:

I NEVER comment on videos but I had to say that your auto reviews are some
of the most entertaining out there short of Top Gear, keep it up lol

brettq14 says:

I like that you show the backseat!!!! Not everyone does that! 

TommySnipA says:

I truly enjoy your not-so-biased review. Adding the flaws as well as the
benefits show that you are not masking the bad or ignoring it. The
superior reviews show both sides of the spectrum. I appreciate that.

ModMonstR says:

Nice videos

treavor williams says:

oh mannnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nodar Svanidze says:

uyuret Original rezoluciashi :) 2k Audi S4 :P

Steve C says:

Just bought a 2014. This video helped.

MCdie says:

Wow Great Car

Vavazelus says:

One of best automotive reviews here or anywhere else!

BGoodsJohnny says:

Man.. this car is just my dream..

gumbie05 says:

Hi Steve, great reviews none the less! Move out West to SoCal or maybe up
north to NYC and become a real celeb or car guru- that way you won’t need
to worry about “selling” the cars! I’m sure one of the major networks or
cable channels would give you a show…just not down there (VA) !
Keep up the good work! 

drtyboy says:

Dude sounds like Bill Maher

CarsofNY says:

To the people watching this because you are looking to buy this car (I did
the same before buying), you will NOT be disappointed in this car. The
more I drive this car the more I like it. It does everything so well and
smoothly. The only downfall for a car this fast is that it is missing some
of the visceral experience found in a muscle car. While not on the same
level as an AMG or M3, it isn’t as far off as most people think and it does
it with AWD traction for the winter and rain. Highly recommend the S4

Bassmachine864 says:

the tachometer isn’t working when he is talking…..

NDNPwn says:

Woow 4k resolution option. Impressive Youtube 

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