2013 Audi S4: The Sleeper Sport Sedan! – Ignition Episode 69

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On this episode of Ignition, Carlos Lago heads back to Fontana and the mountainous roads of Angeles Crest Highway to tackle the newest update to the Audi S4,…


Jeff Cirelli says:

I would really love to see you guys do an Ignition episode on the Audi B5
S4. Its a car I really love(and am proud to own), and am curious to see
how you would rate it.

watchTh1sfoo says:

WTF! Review the 2014 Chevy SS! (Ignition or Head to Head)

Arash Memarzadeh says:

I get so excited when I hear Carlos’ voice at the beginning of a review. He
is by far the best automotive journalist.

Adil Chawala says:

I want driving classes from these guys, so cool!

Kamil Faizi says:

oh no! not this video again…here i was thinking it was some brand new
video, but its this idiot talking about something he read in road and

TheEthanMcLeodShow says:

Anybody know what road that is?

Joe Willy says:

this dude keeps trying to change gears. I have an idea. get a third pedal. 

Paras Jagtap says:

motor trend channel , .

venturacougar1 says:

Audi s4, the perfect blend of luxury and sport mixed together. Sorry but
for those arguing that the 335i is better I don’t see it interior wise the
s4 has the much more sport feel and looks and feels more luxurious. And for
those saying the car under steers and you feel it when you really pushing
it. Get out here, if your buying this car to go track it although capable,
you will
Be investing more to make it more capable. You have to understand its a
With a pure track mentality it’s meant to excite you and yet look good.
Nothing is at its level. This is bewteen the 335i and the m3 better than
the 335i but not at the level of a m3, though with a few upgrades it could
easly take it down. ;) just saying.

azturbort says:

So much talk about the rear sports differential. I’ve had two B8 S4s now,
my latest being a 2013. Neither have had the RSD option and they both
rotate well during power, probably due to the 60% torque bias to the rear
wheels. Why don’t you guys test one without rather than having a $58k test
car, and see how great and capable the car is even without all the gadgets.

Rick Cosmo says:

I’ve watched many, many videos such as this. I like this guy, Carlos Lago.

tybrones87 says:

How in any way shape or form is a s4 a sleeper?

Marc-Kenny DELLY says:


Antonio Sagansay says:


Media & Entertainment News says:

On this episode of Ignition, Carlos Lago heads back to Fontana and the
mountainous roads of Angeles Crest Highway to tackle the newest update to
the Audi S4, the considerably faster and more aggressive version of the
popular A4 sedan. The 2014 Audi S4 is just as precise but with much more
attitude and when equipped with the Sport Differential, the all-wheel-drive
sedan rotates almost like one of its rear-wheel drive counterparts.

Will the new Audi S4′s V6T engine reign supreme over the previous
generation’s V8? Will people even be able to tell the difference between
the S4 and that A4? Stay tuned to find out.

#entertainmentnews #cars #audis4 

Sollehuddin SP says:

+Audi International +Audi USA 

Nodar Svanidze says:

Love this car :)

Campus Automotive Inc. says:

I love this car.


Check out this video on YouTube:

Sheppe Pharis says:

I lerv my S4.

CleanTuning says:

2013 Audi S4: The Sleeper Sport Sedan! – Ignition Episode 69

vic68rt says:

Carlos Lagos and Johnny Lieberman……..Audi A4/S4 haters….but they love
those chintzy put together Subis

Peter Lee says:

id take an s5

anthonykim98 says:

2:26 you’re wrong its a 7 speed DCT not a 6 speed the manual option comes
as a 6 speed

urbex2007 says:

For the benefit of UK (English speaking) viewers, he means Luxury when he
says “lugg-shorey”…They seem to pronounce X as G.

Car Channel says:

#car #auto 2014 Audi S4: The Sleeper Sport Sedan! – Ignition Episode 69

Pedro Pires says:

2014 Audi S4: The Sleeper Sport Sedan! – Ignition Episode 69

Media & Entertainment News says:

New On IrieTubeApp 2014 Audi S4: The Sleeper Sport Sedan! – Ignition
Episode 69 http://ow.ly/2xj5Za

Vlad Negrea says:

I hate this presenter.

ThirdLife86 says:

They are the only ones with that dyno result. Check supersprint for
example. They dynoed one with 356 crank power but on 100 Oct. and with
replaced air filters and stuff. I wouldn’t give much on the “it has 400
crank stock on 95 gas”-theory. Thats a legend, at best. ;)

jerusdc says:

I just bought one of these and Holy S$^@#% its fast! and I’ve owned some
pretty fast cars too. Porsche 997 S, E55 AMG, Ferrari 360. 300HP Exige etc.
I am throughly impressed so far.

cicoxx says:

why make the review on the auto version? they got rid of the fully manual?
i own a s4 b6 apr stage 2 and it seems to respond faster and turn
smoother…. love the interior tho…

kevinmsft says:

The fact you stupidly and blindly don’t care doesn’t make my opinion wrong.
I say it again: BMW is not your daddy. Repeat it 3 times when you wake
up… then you might start to have a nice day for once.

C4Lust says:

Wait for the S3/RS3 then. That 8V generation is the appx. size/weight of
the B5 generation A4/S4/RS4…

C4Lust says:

That is what most owners are doing. That is what the other Audi products
with the 3.0T and 4.0T also have, Supercharged where the 3.0T or 4.0T badge
would be.

Lucas silva vieira says:

my car has 70hp. at the crank.

C4Lust says:

RS7 review should be coming soon.

Bob Marley says:

In America we don’t have “regular 95″, or sport back S5′s. Or S4′s that
redline at 6500. My manual by the way shows redline at 6,800 so at a
minimum whatever Audi says in your country is different here. This is an
American website with USA spec’d cars. My 13 with a tune stops at 7,200.

jimmyhoffa9 says:

Yes but Subies are not Audi’s. This tranny plus Quattro loses much less
power than a standard system, which is partly what makes them so desirable.

Nestor Martinez says:

I love this cars!!

Quattro_A4 says:

6:07…..cool cop haha

AudiS4you says:

Just ordered my ’14 2 Thursdays ago!!

C4Lust says:

Any of the major tuners dyno these cars stock to compare the gains. Check
with Stasis or APR for stock dyno charts. APR for example dynoed a stock S4
at 327 AWHP and 327 AWTQ. Nearly identical to the CRANK figures from Audi
(333/325). And the engine is the same however the transmission is what

NikoBell12 says:

I just saw one of these. :D Damn, what a car.

Bob Marley says:

You are thinking at the crank. Audi advertises 333hp at the crank. Stasis
advertises 417hp at the crank. APR is one of the few that advertises at
wheel horsepower, and they show 353hp. I love my car and live this shit,
trust me.

fantomg100 says:


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