2013 Audi S5 Quattro S tronic 0-60 MPH Drive & Review

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http://www.TFLcar.com ) The 2013 Audi S5 Coupe Quattro is an all-wheel-drive autobahn burner. With a supercharged 333 horsepower 3.0L engine the Audi S5 pu…


SuppppperPosii says:

this car is capable of 4.5s in 0-60. Dunno what these dudes are doing

Giuliano Noviello says:

Yes this V6 is preferable in every way (maybe except of the sound ;)) It’s
lighter, faster and consumes less fuel.

Btw this review is really bad guys. This fat guy is only talking shi*t and
they both don’t sound as if they would understand to much about cars…

And just to let you know, many german magazines have tested the s5 with the
7-speed-double-clutch from 0-62mph and all of them got 4.8sec!
5.7sec is just ridiculous…


Paul Ajlouny says:

4.9 is for manual I believe. Car and driver and other publications
frequently quote a 4.4 second 0-60 (S4 Even) Even at these elevations upper
5s seems high. Unless I missed it I did think they used launch control, a
feature available on the S5

biggy D says:

beautiful intro music 

swetomboy says:

Audi stands for Pure Perfection Performance. So Sexy she is.

ToInfinity1 says:

you launched it wrong, you aren’t supposed to brake launch like that with a
dsg gearbox and you’re just hurting the gearbox. use launch control

Hen zo says:

Really amazing maschine

Melissa Suzie says:

Did they rescue the doggie??

iutube131 says:

The sexiest car on the market by far.

Wen Sun says:

ppl needa stop complaining about the audi’s 0-60 or professional track time
0-60. This is a real world testing not a track with all the perfect
environments. These guys have no reason to lie to people about the 0-60

penilesecretions says:

So sad, they can’t even figure out how to launch a car that comes with
LAUNCH CONTROL. Now I remember why I don’t watch any of their garbage

Gregory Sautov says:

Thank you for the review. Is this, in your opinion, preferable to the V8

The24pcs says:

If you can’t master the stick don’t bother reviewing german cars, please.

Haddo Haddoo says:

Two questions
1. For a launch what is the ideal rev you should mantain?
2. If I just keep driving it in sports mode, will it have any negative
impact on the engine in long run?

Johnjohn738 says:

Why didn’t you guys test it with the launch control!? That’s why the motor
only revved to 1500 rpm’s. With the launch control on you launch at 3000
rpm’s and get 0-60 in 4.9 seconds. What a bunch of rookies! 

Laweeze Morton says:

How is this real world testing? Anyway, this was a horible review.. I’m
not a hater, just an honest guy. 

Mai Ta Xiong says:

I love the the song, car, & place! 

bradleyg5 says:

How is the Mustang V6 0-60 not impressive yet this “pulls like a freight
train” mustang V6 gets better mileage too(on regular gas).

Aaron Su says:

The place I live in (Canada) S5 is only $1000-2000 more than a 435i but in
most YouTube reviews the S5 is a tiny bit faster. Both brilliant car tho, I
would buy both if I have the money.

Stahlgrau330Ci says:

If you prefer 4 zeros (5th behind the wheel ;) to BMW, by all means go for
it ;)

defender880 says:

the white really looks good in with the backround, but i would like see the
the black pearl version

hibritto says:

Whats the name of the instrumental at 0:01 to 0:15?

kowkicker1 says:

I would buy a Corvette and save $18k.

Jyri Hamalainen says:

so great a car i bought one ;-)

The Fast Lane Car says:

No worries, but you do realize that we did this test at 1 mile above sea

xxxliqu1dxxx says:

1:19 what a nice interior… omg Audi… this is very pretty!

mancro20 says:

Which Luxury car company would you recommend that has a good reliability
rating and good fuel efficiency. I don’t really want to buy one that I have
to constantly get expensive repairs and spend tons of money on gas.

Scott Woods says:

Good review been watching y’all for some time how dose this car or all
audis do in a snow covered road or a parking spot that has you locked in I
know the SuVs of Audi in snow are king vs a BMW and a Porsche (kinda) can
you show what I am asking for please in the non SUV line up what Awd drive
car dose the best in light but ice roads

georgebballer85 says:

i liked the video, awesome car and beautiful scenery, gj

justice008a says:

love the S5 Roman, but which car do you think handles better in the snow
and ice — S5, S4, or A6?

David Chiu says:

This S5 is really really sexy! They dont sell the manual here in Europe but
I think the auto would suit this car better since its got so much tech like
the quattro system. But I just wished that these auto transmission could
let the driver hit the red line:)

H8ts says:

These guys are unbelievably biased. I wouldn’t even call it a review this
is stupid Audi advertisement. They behave like two guys having a new toy
for a first day… pointless.

Sikhhh says:

2013 Audi A5 40 mpg.

Akiff Hssn says:


Jorge clavo trias says:


JOSUELITOlive says:

this car competes against the 335 coupe. the msrp is around 50k-55k(dont
quote me on that). id say the high performance version, the RS5 is more of
a competitor to those you mentioned

gregaburo says:

My friend has one and its a nice ride, the sound is amazing, but it lags a
bit on power, but I still like my BMW more

valkyrieXX says:

…and you idiot, they do this so that they make money off youtube… you
think they do this for FUN as you say? come on, are you kidding me?! If you
are going to be on youtube and putting your face to it in front of
millions, be prepared to take some criticism when it’s obviously due.

The Fast Lane Car says:

We don’t think that Nathan lives in a van down by the river ;-)

SLADE330 . says:

I like your real world road testing, I mean it is real, 2 big guys on
normal roads. The manufacturers use guys built like Valentino Rossi to do
the 0-60 test

Sikhhh says:

A veryyyyy fast car, for it’s price (60g base brand new) a great car. You
get a good amount of luxury and a very good looking car, maintenance I’m
not to sure about, but I believe that Jeeps don’t have many problems but I
may be wrong, again you should get the warranty with the vehicle and you
will be fine. Only problems with these vehicles are a VERY high flip over
rate which can be extremely dangerous also including that they are very
quick, so that might be an issue. And also only 15 mpg.

Aqster Mole says:

good review, but too unrefined for this sophisticated car. for e.g audi is
one of the kick ass for the kick ass interior ?? hmm anyway … good effort

Matty mo says:

If that has to be explained to you like a child then just stay off You-tube.

Sikhhh says:

Audi in the late 90′s had horrible maintenance issues, but over the last
decade they have improved much. Hardly any problems with every model,
except you still want to get a warranty just so you don’t need to pay for
that rare issue. If you want decent luxury and good mpg, Audi is great for
the durability and luxury, but mpg I’m not sure Audi is for you in that
case. The Audi Q5 (suv) brand new about 40g which will give you luxury but
averaged out about 23 mpg, decent but not great.

hunter john says:

Fantastic video guys, keep it up!

Name says:

Well Audi is the best so you cant blame them.

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