2013 Audi S5 Review

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Zach White says:

I miss the V8

Laweeze Morton says:

I love this car, but wish it was a little less for options.. I need n
excuse to get me in this car vs the 435i 

kuruptzZz says:

wifi hotspot for up to 8 devices??? lol this car fits only 2 people…what
happened to the days cars were about driving? not getting in and connecting
your tablet, iphone, laptop, sim card, in-car 3G, google maps…holy fuck

drdj69 says:

the 435i is gonna shit all over this car.

Undeworld667 says:

435i isnt as good looking tho :

David Craig says:

It’s a great car, speaking from experience since I own one. As for the BMW
vs. Audi stuff it’s childish, both the S5 and 435i are great cars.

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