2013 Audi S6 [GTspirit.com Overview]

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Porsche Duésnburg says:

Why is it that everytime I look at this car, those headlamps look
deliciously evil???

Chris Faini says:

I just the car i want!

Ap0caLyPSe972 says:

This car is just BEAUTIFUL!

Kaickness says:

Great video, really like the various shots. German cars are known for their
epic interior :-)

Jeff Lebowski says:

haha, valerie, calm down, it’s a good video…stop complaining shmee is a
spotter in the first place

Shmee150 says:

Haha, I think I can pass for at least a 4 year old.

iXetsuei says:

No, but you do look really young.

blacktievntgrcr67 says:

This guy looks like a 12 year old

DJ DoMiNo says:

This is an overview not a review if you want the review go to GTspirit. Tim
is just testing it and giving you brief details about it. Stop with the
negative comments

Double F Gamer says:

Please define the word REVIEW?

manufanrr says:


TehPRooD says:

nice design and sound, but mi fav design is S5 ;P

Narrowc ross says:

Does this car have any turbo lag? I fucking hate that

GoProHDAction says:

The car is looking stunning, but the only disadvantage, you don’t hear any

Aaron P says:

grate car but the review sucked…

maxieminh says:

who the hell cares if you are or are not the first…? -_-

MrKokasian says:

This kid looks 12 years old. Does he even have a driver’s license?

andrefrbk says:

Nice socks tim. LAWL.

crocop2712 says:

@SheltonSuperstar audi r8 v10*

Shmee150 says:

I know reviews aren’t my thing so I don’t do them anymore – stick to pure
supercars and cool video footage on the channel! It just can’t fit doing
all the planning, filming, talking, editing and trying to do all of that in
just an hour or two on your own, all the other channels have big crews
involved and that costs money. I know this isn’t the best video I’ve
produced but I also don’t think many other people could do better given the

Javon K says:

Not as fast as a m5 .

madjimms says:

Where’s the diesel version?

ABDZ89 says:

Truly an amazing car, the front looks amazing but back is hideous imo.

saavaa says:

Nice socks.

MrInternetDude says:

Dude get the S7 so good

porsche02 says:

0-60 in launch mode is 3.7. Wait for Stasis tuning and can boost it to
530hp or 600hp!

Shmee150 says:

It wasn’t really supposed to be much of a review, just an insight into the
car with the full review written over on GTspirit.com – you can even find
the link in the description. Given that I film, talk, edit and run
everything on this video and my YouTube channel myself (more or less) I
don’t think I’m doing too bad a job.

japster1358 says:

already read the article before watching the video. I just thought you’d be
doing a whole video review of the car based on the title.

Eden Maru says:

This guy looks like a religious homophobe…

afemai says:

Didn’t mention 0-60 times, neither the average mpg, nor the available
gearbox options and the list goes on. So from the informational point of
view this video is virtually worthless…

Airdocful says:

You definitely couldn’t do any better, so instead of complaining, just
enjoy the video!

gunnerrun27 says:

well the mansory was a better car, but at least ur outfit is better! :]

crepu33 says:

he says you ‘look like’ , not ‘actually are’… and I think he is right.
how you dress adds too much to your looks. next time you might consider
wearing something more adultish maybe

Abdul Jabbar says:


Shqiptarivertet says:

Ridicolous sound!!

Abdulrahman Almagrabi says:

how old are you 15 nice socks btw hahahahahaha

Martin Smarty CooL says:

Shmee are you German?

Mike Tyson says:

Review the Agera R!!!!

0/Socialismo says:

Forget the M5 I am getting the S6 !!!!!!!!

jaiveer17 says:

shmee :D

mrTabascohot says:

I enjoyed the review strictly because I wondered how a person with a 12
year old boys body can support that head.

amazinguy1000 says:

Funny how there is that Audi joke you mentioned while reviewing the mansory
aventador and then end up reviewing their car

stopfascisminAmerica says:

if your gonna by an s6 you might as well pony up and get the rs6. 2013 is
first year rs6 has been in u.s. since 2004.

clokverkorange says:

True, but he has a British accent, so personally I give him a pass.

Shmee150 says:

Do you actually honestly think I’m 12 years old?

Earl Anthony says:

Respect the man. I don’t approve his style, but it keeps you ignorant to
keep wondering just why he put it on.

clokverkorange says:

Left seat driving in the UK??

rambo19962007 says:

Hi Shmee, great vids on youtube btw. Wanted to ask you in terms of comfort
and ride quality only would you take this over the BMW M5 and the Audi S8?
Also, with a baby seat in the middle can 2 adults sit in the back
comfortably cheers?

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