2013 Audi S6 – Luxury Sedan | 5 Reasons to Buy | AutoTrader.com

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Johan Littorin says:

The tires/rims are options (this car had 20″, you can pick 19″) and you can
order Audi’s S-models without aluminium mirrors,. They can come in
aluminium or painted in the body colour depending on your choice.

david dykeman says:

I’ll take the S7 thank you

mode bazooka says:


YLegoManY says:

The guy looks like he got beamed down from star trek enterprise. lolol

MBAMG65 says:

550i and E550 are actually more stealthy, not having the quad exhaust,
paper-thin tires and aluminium mirrors

Däne Fjordlùnd says:

BMW 550



Adrianos Fidi says:

so pretty . the car , off course

Ken S says:

My wallet is one reason not to buy lol

TheEryk03 says:

550i is like slow KIA compared to this Audi.

sid203 says:

BMW 550i Everyday Audi – no thanks

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