2013 Audi S6 Luxury Sports Sedan Review

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The 2013 Audi S6 is considered a luxury sports sedan since it packs a twin-turbocharged V-8 engine, standard Quattro AWD, and a number of other performance u…


Gilad Doitsh says:

I have 2012 S4, and I love the car. When I drive to work I wish I had 10
more minutes to spend driving the car. And he is right, I have bang and
olufsen and it is crazy, I connect my iPod and the sound penetrates into
your bones.

Tim Heverin says:

Why does the A6 have 8 speed and S6 have 7 speed?? More gears = more

John Zvacek says:

Is this guy for real?? OMG what a joke.. The MMI control buttons are so
easy to use, I actually like them more than I did the touch screen on my
Lexus. You just have to learn to use it which takes you like one day, but
this guy obviously isn’t very bright. B&O is nice, but for $850 like on A4
not for 6k so you can be looking at the pop up tweeters and fancy speaker

Ioseb Khizanashvili says:

waste of 9 min, i was expecting some action

John Jerrehian says:

Spend a few mins. and learn the buttons, then you won’t spend all that time
not paying attention to the road.
Wonderful car…

Stephen Crowe says:

We have a BMW X5 and an Audi A7. I find the MMI to be much more intuitive
to use than the iDrive. I don’t agree with this guy, you actually get very
used to where everything is. The screen gives you cues of which buttons to
press without having to look down. 

DaddyThrasher says:

great review

teknodisko says:

My friend had a q5 with the same button layouts… and I learned the
buttons in like a day.

Licka D Split says:

For being twin-turbocharged, I would expect a little more than 420
horsepower. Call me crazy, but I think they probably could have extracted
that kind of power from a smaller twin-turbo V6 or a slightly larger
naturally aspirated V8. I can’t say I’m terribly impressed, especially not
when it’s $70,000, and I could get a 424 horsepower Genesis R-Spec 5.0 for
$30,000 LESS than this car. Obviously, a Hyundai is not in the same league
as an Audi, but still…a more powerful, similarly-sized pseudo-luxury car
for almost half as much as this one. I think I’d need to be bathing in
money and vanity to pick the Audi over it.

Tesla Fan says:

but it uses gas…

n777ua says:

Wow, my old B5.5 (2001-2005) VW Passat has had a chrome lip for the trunk.
Something that’s relagated to only the A8s and Bentley’s of the world at VW

Narrowc ross says:

Audi, BMW and Mercedes dont do touch screens, I agree with them on that

Bobby Bajwa says:

Where did Ron Doron go? Best reviewer ever!

lovecaesar66 says:

Great view

shxttalxc4 says:

What happened to ron doron?

hooligan says:


lplt says:

“other than that i have no other complaints” … most of the video was
complaints, never have i heard so much negativity about this beauty

Canal Oval says:

Raise your voice, man! I had o increase sound volume twice to listen to you.

Motushchuk Ruslan says:

Fancy but not reliable

Eddie Avila says:

“…back seats aren’t exactly what I call roomy” says the guy that weighs
250 lbs. …

Shuffle3956 says:

Tripple digit speed? REALLY? My 1995 dodge neon back in a day did that too

1rhammons says:

The MMI is really easy to operate. It took me a very minimal amount of time
to get used to it and when I did, it was like second nature. This car is
quite amazing, I, like this reviewer, wish I had the means to get one.

Nbpoih Fiheqw says:

the guy is a fucking moron…

aqil756 says:

You to fat

mladjo72 says:

Buy yourself a 1980′ BS truck and you’r not gonna have problems with all
these buttons! BTW don’t drink and drive! Stop for half an hour (take some
time) and have a nice cup of coffee or whatever!

lunner says:

MMI is very easy to use. Hard time finding the navi button? I don’t see why
you want to press the button, when you can just say “navigation”…

Adrianos Fidi says:

E63 and M5 are rivals to RS6 and iS-F to RS4 C63 and M3/4 . NONE is rival
for S6

1rhammons says:

I must add that I used to work at an Audi dealership so that’s how I knew
how to use the MMI.

hooligan says:

I like Audi cars but I own a m6 and I notice u were throwing a little word
yes BMW m cars r shouty and badge everywhere to let u know done f#%%ck with

Horacy Jay says:

But I love the A8 2014

zhbroder says:

i don’t take journalism well from mccafe drinkers.

mladjo72 says:

You are toooooo big for that car!!!

Mitul Jariwala says:

Where’s Ron doron guys

Malicious SRT says:


kar98kid says:

So your telling me that if you spill an iced latte on ur mmi… The buttons
stick?!?!?!?! Screw Audi they should have thought of that

Omar Baasiri says:

i laughed so hard at your comment that i spat my water all over myself and
my computer, but it was worth it.

ideaynojodas says:

very nice!

edgeshaw says:

This dude is a dumb ass. The MMI is easy to use, it does take time but it’s
very easy.

TheCitySirs says:

this reviewer is stupid,,,who’s gonna look down to operate the mmi ??? when
you have a touch screen you actually got to look at the screen not glance
but look,, but if you do glade theres an 80 percent you gonna hit the wrong

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