2013 Audi S6 Test Drive & Luxury Car Video Review

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http://www.autobytel.com/audi/s6/2013/?id=32972 The mid-sized luxury sedan segment is hotter than ever. And no car is hotter than the all new Audi S6. This i…


Zarafatali says:

S6 with with a stage 4 remap is fast as a Rs model 

Alfonso Dominguez says:

This car doesn’t compete with the m5 and e63. That’s the rs6

Alfonso Dominguez says:

This car doesn’t compete with the m5 and the e63. That’s the Audi rs6

ProteanView says:

I think Audi’s ‘RS’ is the equivalent of BMW’s ‘M’ and Merc’s ‘AMG’. 528i =
A6 2.0 535i = A6 3.0 550i = S6 M5 = RS6 (if they make one) E350 = A6 E550 =
S6 M5 = RS6

75cyber75 says:

n5 and e amg is compared with the rs6 dumbass

mbahadig99 says:

S6 vs M5,E AMG not 550

roki977 says:

Womens car..

DanielTHEoh says:

This car does 3.8seconds retard!! It competes with m5 and e65

ryanmail2004 says:

O MY GOD. you were already one of my favorite youtubers but you also like
audi??? can we be friends!?

mrmattson says:

Doesn’t matter with the automatic, just push the go pedal and you’ll reach
60 in under 4 seconds.

Fake appellation says:

420 hp. Cheers yall, if you know what I mean.

yzoooon says:

Looks like Passat

marco Hernandez says:

Proteanview—– Audi rs6 553hp

gametocken says:

So its not an M5 rival? Fml this or a F10 M5?

Nolan Santana says:

he said it was 71,000 but thats not tapping a big chunk into my 401k? lmfao
thats a lot of money

Strengun says:

According to Audi Officials, it does 3.7 sec from 0 to 100km (60 mile).
You’re not proficient in the automotive thing.

Prateek Samtani says:

What color is this called?

Steward Lie says:

Seems like he is reading a prompt from Audi.

MrCleanPolo says:

Another win under Audi’s belt, nice!

jteeezy275 says:

motorweek ran it 3.8 sec to 60mph

awktane says:

Who’s he choking when he talks? Probably whomever scripted this for him.

vinhhsanityy says:

400 hp

iFinlander says:

I would probably just get a second-hand E60 M5 rather than this, more fun
with less price.

ProteanView says:

Haha! Yep. Been an Audi fan since the Audi 5000s of the late 70s & early
80s, but also like the older models. I drove a used 80 right after college.
Audi and I go way back. ;-)

Jimmy mann says:

who cares?

audi4ever7 says:

he actually meant that the new s6 competes with the likes of the new m5 and
e63. same 0-60 3.7 seconds,similiar 1/4 mile times.The s6 power is very
underated from factory.All wheel drive with launch control and 8 speed
trans equalls beast.

Menguato1572 says:

This Guy Sucks!

lupischuckle says:

I’m not sure why this guy still has his job.

garth408 says:

Starting at 70K and gets 20 COMBINED mpg thats fucking bs. Might as well
get a Nissan GTR. Gas will pay off the 20k extra in a few years with that
Audi GasGuzzler.

jmen8888 says:

The normal everyday driver cannot hit the 0 – 60 times posted my the
manufacturer. The # most people hit is 4.5 seconds. It takes quite a bit of
practice to lower your 0 – 60 time.

Lax Mawrence says:

I’m sorry but you know very little about cars

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