2013 BMW 1 Series (E87) M Sport Review

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The BMW 1 Series is a line of small family cars (C-segment in Europe) manufactured by the German automaker BMW since 2004. Successor to the BMW Compact, it h…


pwalker says:

Turning the wrong dial at the end… We seen it! ;P

3omar000 says:


stevejan100 says:

What a pair of ass holes, looking at cars they can’t afford. Dreamers!

Luke Stratton says:

That’s an F20.. not an E87

AcidR4in1 says:

What a waste of time watching that.

mathudds says:

Not a review

Stuart Murray says:

This is a 5 door 2012 making it an F20, change the title and stop confusing
people. E87 pfftt…


Most E30 owners install a Signature Motoring performance intake kit for
around 9HP gain. Cost is a mere $150 or so, best value per HP gain in the
E30 line. Install time if only about 30-45 minutes in most applications. I
have one in my 89 325i cabrio. Crazy nice sound. Most regular guys install
a Signature Motoring performance intake kit for around 9HP gain in the E30.
Install time is about 30 min, maybe 45 for two left hands, LOL. Great sound
and extra performance for around $160.

Skroting says:

This is the F20, not the E87.

Thunder Suckle Fuzz Canyon says:

Weird random cardboard cut outs of famous people? It’s an F20. E87 is the
previous version.

Jose Andrade says:

They made it uglier

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