2013 BMW 3 Series – 328xi – Test Drive – Video Review – Driving Review

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Autosavant’s Kevin Gordon reviews the 2013 BMW 328xi. Here, Kevin provides his impressions of the car and provides a walk through all of its features and dis…


1234zcrom says:

I would think that the auto start/stop tech in some of the newer vehicles
would cause the starter to go bad quickly – which is a pricey/difficult
part to replace. I wonder if the auto manufacturers realize this or maybe
they will soon after having to replace too many starters. Also hearing
engine sound isn’t a bad thing IMO, but I understand buyers of this car
like things quiet.

Joe B says:

Hate your mic, please turn it off, it tells me nothing about the actual
noise, actually its MUCH more amplified make the car seem like a noisy car.
And I CAN NOT HEAR YOU. So please turn it off. Start stop is VERY annoying,
it jolts and shakes the car, it will make zero difference in actual MPG
improvement. I own the car, that’s my opinion. The car itself is quite
amazing, driving is a pleasure.

7birchlane says:

Good review. .I will always love BMW no matter what. .

Nicola Ruggiero says:

Favorite review of the F30 by far, excellent feedback and commentary.

aninstrumentalvision says:

Nice review. Thanks!. But you are wrong about recording your audio without
a lavaliere microphone with the hopes that the on-camera mic will better
represent what the car’s interior sounds like. What you are getting is
audio that is a bit hard to understand and somewhat uneven, because your
voice is slightly buried underneath the noise or din of the environment. To
achieve the best result, use the lav mic for direct sound on your voice,
then mix in another mic that records the sound of the interior. That way
you can calibrate the two levels and achieve a natural balanced recording.
In addition, both mics can be independently equalized, balanced, and
limited. No single mic is going to hear the true natural balance between
voice and road noise, because mics are directional and they do not hear the
same way a human hears. That has to be done in the mix, and that is the
way the pros do it for pro sound mixing. Try the two mic technique and I am
sure you will be happier with the results. In any case, I love your

Phantom305 says:

Awesome review this definitely helped me with my decision to purchase my
first BMW thanks a lot!

Marco Cordero says:

hello Kevin, so between 2014 BMW 2014 328i Xdrive and 2014 Audi A4 QUATTRO,
which one will you chose? 

Jody McCullough says:

Nice review. Seems they copied Audi and added 4 bangers to their entry lux
offering and are charging 10% or so more for similar configurations. Good
car but I will stick with my A4

M.A. Primi says:

Very harsh engine sound, l think you were very right on that compered to
the mercedes 250 cgi this sounds rough and no way refined. Power yes but no
refinement….. Also same compared to audi engine.

German Beales says:

The BMW has a very demeaning look, my only problem is the front I will
stick with my Mercedes S class and BMW 7 series . 

plsniper says:

Over 50k for a car and you’re talking about fuel economy? hmmmm

German Beales says:

Plus it is also too popular unlike my mercedes s class and bmw 7 series 

azera55555 says:

I’m surprised you got another BMW to review after the 7-series beating. :)

Ben F says:

That BMW 328xi an inline 4 for close to 50k? Pass

Autosavant says:

Just on hiatus. We have a pile of content lined up for the remaining part
of the year.

Trent Thai says:

Great review! Lots of valuable information

Autosavant says:


Marcos Rivera says:


Jim B says:

Finally you’re back!

64565454006646406606 says:

try to check oil level or change front bulb :-)

techdude6693 says:

I’ve got a RWD 328i Sport Line for just over 6 months now and I’m still
loving it. I’m averaging close to 30 MPG and its just a lot of fun to
drive. My friends who drove it didn’t even realize it was a 4 cyl till I
told them.

Digger Nick says:

Wow really good reviews

Jason Kramer says:

Thought this channel was dead

Jaffar Abdul Baqi says:

BMW is good at medium to small, while Mercedes is good at medium to large

Michael bagley says:

Great review.

Veyronp87 says:

well…..long time no see lol

Cory Stansbury says:

Wonder what that guy thought as you flew by him?

Kev erino says:

Nice review, but I wish you would have commented on the steering feel which
has drawn a lot of criticism.

Northwest Biotherapeutics says:

you’re back! my fav YT channel!

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