2013 BMW 3-Series Review

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Iguida.com reviews the 2013 BMW 3-Series. For more information, visit http://iguida.com.


Nefekto says:

My right ear is feeling lonely´╗┐

cyberryderfx says:

not much info in the video´╗┐

Zarina L. Rodriguez says:

if are only problems, why dont you sell them?

hest2635 says:

Lol what’s up with the sound… Destroys the experience…

Fizzy Mind says:

I agree,inline six has gone,16 valves replaced by 4 valves ,the engine
sounds like a tractor when in idle ,refinement is not as good as before and
amazingly the price is higher !!!!! and all they say is more economy,it
does not make sense ! we can get a cheap and cheerful car and save a
fortune not spend a fortune and save a little

millwrightman99 says:

This is how a good car is butchered .Once they lost the glass smooth inline
6 as the standard motor the writing is on the wall .Why spend the money if
your looking for economy , A Honda Accord is just a short dealer walk down
the road and 15 grand cheaper .The 335 is the only version worth
considering and it borders on sixty grand . Might as well go for the Caddy
.Bad management is screwing up all the car companies in these difficult
economic times .Cars now are just a pain to own and operate .

SuperComedyFail says:

First Viewer.

millwrightman99 says:

That’s all you got , Who do you think your talking to your sister ? Not
that I need your input .but you sound stupid.Or did you skip too any
classes in English grammar .?

hoanh equinqh says:

what the fuck is he talking about. Just pick one and focus on it.

klemice says:

why the hell left speaker only?

7alamontii says:

what part of shut up you didn’t understand ? fucktard.

7alamontii says:

shut up

millwrightman99 says:

You know it breaks my heart to see such a fabulous car destroyed by inept
accountants , like all accountants no heart no soulonly pennies are
important . I visited the BMW dealership today and the salesman I talked to
about this change in engines was as lost as me at the decision .. I hate to
say it but an Accord with a V-6 is a much better option both in cost and
smoothness.My old 325 is getting a bit dated but it’s still a better
package than the new cars BMW is offering as base models .

Baseball is life says:

I hate the idea of leasing if more if bmw makes there car everyone drives
and can afford that will ruin the name of there car and it wont be special
to have

Translucent Microcosm says:

Break my wallet! I’ve owned two. Never again. Great with that new car smell
and then… Raped by the dealer in more ways than one. Simple problems turn
into nightmares of costly repairs. Many modern cars posses enough
technology to park themselves yet can leave you stranded for the seemingly
simple problem. Off the car after the warranty expires or have deep

Dan Jay says:

you are poor fullstop

Chayapat Chakajnarodom says:

Good car

Fizzy Mind says:

I think other manufacturers are catching up and all you need to do is test
drive few others and you will change your mind and also you will be immune
from getting ripped off by BMW in future,take care

Translucent Microcosm says:

They have been gone!

millwrightman99 says:

Suck shit and die asshole .

engineer maskin says:

i have been driving BMW x1 and 1… after alfaromeo 166 i can say BMW is a
shit car!!!!… i would never buy such a shit car…hahaha wtf ..befor
buying BMW drive alfa !!!

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