2013 BMW 320d long-term test – What Car?

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Editor-in-chief Chas Hallett has just spent a year driving the BMW 320d. Is he sad to see it go? Read the full BMW 3 Series review: http://ow.ly/kGd1t Subscr…


Matty6660 says:

didn’t talk about how powerful it is ffs

Trichur Raju says:

I am going to buy one now….

Booya796 says:

to hell with eco pro

Grapes For All says:

I want to marry that car

Irfan Starr says:

Overpaid on everything

marshalllucky says:

drive this than drive the kia optima and you`ll see how poor this car
really is ;-(

29reload says:

Completely crap review. All he does like all other badge snobs is praise a
basic rip off car. 

jonny5777 says:

I get 42mpg average from my old 318i so 50 for a new diesel isn’t that
impressive sounding. I would have one in a heartbeat though

framfull says:

The dude got a “bahnhof” watch.

Vic Todorovic says:

what happens when it snows? bmw and merc 30k car useless with audi no
matter what weather.

Smokey Hussain says:

Well ive purchased my very own bmw 335d msport twin turbo and it dont have
that steering wheel so tell the truth ur car is a SE “Standard Edition”
Mines is Fully Loaded with Umbrellas cigarette holder and lighter and
ashtray in each door, back and front Heated Seat With Massage Control, Red
Leather With My Name Printed In the Head rest, parking sensors front and
back with fitted cameras back and front, multi coloured lights fitted in
the door handles, and plenty more , oh and I changed my Head Lights they
change colour to, I have the kick system for the boot and automatic bonit,
tvs, Ps4 also Fitted With 2 top games Gta 5, Fifa 14.

paul reeve says:

nice to drive… but gearbox is a nightmare, to get into reverse. clutch
judder common on these, n47 engine timming chain snaps, so after your 3
years get your chequebook ready.. i think as i have had both Audi a4 is

LiImaSta says:

Fucking British. Whenever I want to see some car youtube always shows me
cars with steering wheel on the righr side. I cann’t understand how thay
can drive like that. It is not natural and it looks so fucking wrong.

featherinthewind333 says:

my car this sunday chuck

Frans van Niekerk says:

I’ve got E46 F/L 2003.
After 10 years I still get 4.8 l/100km. no mechanical problems. Service
intervals +- 17000 km, if I do decide to sell guess what is my next car.
Km now 276000 with NO major brake down, still with original turbo

Bramley Apple-Species says:

Had my M Power 320D for six weeks now and yes, it is better than the Audi
A3 I had before. Ditto the Saab and the VW. So quiet which counts for a lot
for me. Audi better on juice but BMW has more poke. Lovely car. So far.

MegaJasperdog says:

Good real world review. But I’m still going for the 330d m sport! Thanks

Bb Frey says:

Hi, i am thinking to get 320 D…should i get? or 320i? i am looking for a
GREAT gas mileage:( thank u so much:)

KalifUmestoKalifa says:

Or has enough money that it makes no difference to him. Also if there were
no idiots there would be no 4yo cars for us to buy second hand.

ImHereToAnnoyYou says:

If nobody bought a new car then they’d have to make them better or more
attractive to purchase. If you look at Cuba for example, even when no new
cars are sold people will simply take more care of the existing ones. It
doesn’t make them moronic, quite the opposite.

App1eM4c says:

I love the fact you have to pay more for the optional extras to get car the
car to drive nice. Cheaply made for the price.

WhiteIceMan3 says:

I found the continuous transition of options shocking. It seems quite
suspicious the car would be so pricey and wouldn’t have many of the options
as standard…Luxury brands may not be “luxury” brands in Europe but it’s
discouraging to see so many non-standard features.

Louis Owl says:

I love bmw and i love the 320d but 1 thing that bmw should work more its
the design looks strange on my opinion :s

Max Chui says:

I am now driving a BMW 320i, it claims 6.X L/100km.Well, I am doing
9,8L/100km… Clearly BMW uses Cruise Control all the time during the fuel

aquaphoenixx says:

@zuti071 It is 5.65 EU Liters. There are a lot of internet calculators.
Because as an European car guy (from the continent :) ) I watch both UK and
US shows and it can be frustrating with UK and US mpg (which is
different!!!) and the torque figures of pound/feet.

Jordan McBride says:

40000 for a 320d !!?????

Fizzy Mind says:


K0K4NE says:

Anyone that buys a new car is a moron

dilank123 says:

it does not handle like the e46 unfortunately :(

Qian Wang says:

i am only getting 47.7MPG that’s the best I can achieve. mine is 2012 320D
luxury, maybe it’s because i am town-driving most of the time?

David Chiu says:

Indeed the editor in chief. He knows what hes talking about. Great review!

zuti071 says:

Exactly,very frustrting.thank you very much for the effort and reply! AND
FOR: Editor-in-chief CHAS HALLETT and WHATCAR just small suggestion that
for EUROPEAN SUBSCRIBERS at lest write somewhere fuel&torque in metric.

johnny g says:

The rear seats and boot is BIG in real life. Don’t believe what he is
saying in the review. Nice review, but who is he driving around in the back
seats to complain it’s too small? 2 Sumo wrestlers???

speedo202 says:

This a class leading car with performance and economy. Mercedes and Audi
cannot compete with it at all. Chas Hasllett gets the pleasure of testing
them all and the facts and figures speak for themselves. All this
technology will be expensive to own second hand after 3-5 years though.

Livia Roggeman says:

Except if nobody would buy a new car you couldn’t buy any secondhand could
you ;) So long live the morons I suppose? :p

zuti071 says:

50 UK MPG is …..??? in EU Liters ?

FIlmAuto says:

Fuel economy , thanks for the Info : ) , Thumbs up added.

Bashfulbully says:

great review

eddyrat says:

I agree you’d be pretty mad to buy this outright. Get a good leasing deal
though and you’re onto a winner. That also gets the cars onto the used
market… Just ordered a 320d touring myself for the extra space

bogdan m says:

50 mpg = 4.7 L/100 km

Luis Jimenez says:

Audi a4 better

kaeizr says:

reminds me of cam from modern family

ImHereToAnnoyYou says:

£10,000 worth of options! ha ha. So it’s ‘only’ just over 40 grand….
think about it…. for a 3-series diesel… and he’s talking about
‘spending a bit more for the touring’….! How about you employ 2 people
for 20 grand each instead? Or 1 person and spend 20 grand on a car… this
is silly, 320d doesn’t mean what it used to.

Ryan MadMassacreMan says:

My 330d laughs at your fore winds

erda çelik says:

I have never drive or travel in A4, however I can talk about 3 series and C
class. I am not sure which one is more refined from poor road conditions
and wind noise, however I am pretty sure that the engine noise in 3series
is much better to hear all the way, C class has very annoying engine sound
( I have compared the 4 cylinder petrol engines) and C class is a bit
tighter at the back, too. Plus, most of the car magazines find 3 series
more efficient as well as the official figures.

2ndstanguner says:

I kinda think petrol engines are better for BMW.Diesel engines are more for
Mercedes cars.

Livia Roggeman says:

I was kind of being ironic towards KOK4NE I agree that second hand buyers
are rather smart, and that second hand cars should be taken care of as if
they were new, but I also understand the attraction to buying a new car,
even though they are actually to expensive :)

rbtgvr says:

I think your a bit picky about rear space. I have that same car and my
in-laws have had no problem in the back what so ever. I also find the boot
more than adequate.

speedo202 says:

No, if you listen its almost 21k to buy with almost 1k in extras … maybe
this is why got a pushbike?

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