2013 BMW 320i Review, Walkaround, Exhaust, & Test Drive

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naveenshanv says:

Got a 2014 Black on Red 320i xDrive for 36 Grand. Seemed worth it. (
Employee price ) cousin got it for us.

123chunhou says:

The seats don’t fold

westernprelude says:

Great review. I’ve always loved BMW’s, but I’ve never liked their
drivers/customer base. It may be just in Atlanta, but they’ve just put a
really bad taste in my mouth. 

Brian Gleeson says:

I agree that silver dashboard is terrible. BTW, I get sea sick when you
rock back and forth while circling the car. You say the horsepower feels
inadequate, but how does the power delivery and performance numbers compare
to the 6 cylinder E46?

failandprevail says:

Just a general question to anyone. How reliable is the 3 series relative to
Japanese luxury brands(Lexus, Acura, Infiniti)?

Najib Moallim says:

Looks like a lexus is250 

randell torres says:

Would i be able to make a switch to 1 exhaust to 4? Obviously I would get
that done myself amd would it look nice? How much would that be? I plan on
getting this car before 2014 ends.if anyone can please help

whatwhatwhatyousayin says:

nice parking

billt460 says:

40K and no spare. Ridiculous.

Michael Nieves says:

I’m not gonna lie, the interior looks sub par. But then again this is an
entry level model

Nicholas P says:

I love your review because you aren’t biased. You talk about the positives
and the negatives. Great review!

HCG Carey says:

I have a 2012 328 and I HATE the new steering. They ruined the whole feel
of driving a BMW. I’m so disappointed in them. I’ve owed 5 BMWs and this is
least favorite. 

William Boman says:

Automatic :D. what a joke

Vodkani K says:

great review, i’m considering this car for a lease

Bruno Andrade says:

Old fashioned steering wheel. Mercedes and Audi are sportier and nice
looking! I still think the radio is dated with these red fonts. Typical
divorced 30-35 yr old lady car!

Andreas Lie says:

Manual transmission in a BMW seems wrong… The clutch feels springy too…

Jose Garza says:

Always a good review! Thank you!

al zu says:

for 41k BMW could have made the interior much nicer.

Sharif Diallo says:

the interior looks like a high quality Toyota which is still ugly and
tasteless, but still nice feeling. Also, no LED headlights and taillights
and ugly black trim around the windows? regular compacts have nicer
features for 10k less! this car is a horrible representation of BMW

Chadster357 says:

You are a superb reviewer….you give an honest review for every price
level and vehicle class.

Miroslav Bojilov says:

Great review. I especially agree with the implicit recommendation to get
the Sport Line 6-sp manual 328i… that’s what I got and absolutely love
it. It is true that the steering is too light on the non-Sport Line
models. My Sport Line’s steering is also relatively light compared with the
E90 or E46 but has a nice weight to it and good feedback nevertheless.

daniel nunez says:

you bought the cheap version….

artofwar3 says:

Very good video, did you make any vid about Renault Latitude? if yes show
me the link, please. Thank you

beckd02 says:

Good review. You are spot on about the steering difference. I like the
steering much better in my 2007 328 xi than this one. I got to drive a new
328 x drive for a few days while I was getting some work done. I wasn’t
impressed. The start/stop feature is a bit annoying ( it can be turned
off). The 3.0 six seems much more fluid than the turbo 4. But the
steering is the pits compared to the E90.

7he_M4n says:

Awesome review!

irthe1alliance says:

So Gay,,,kmft!!!!

maideo says:

I prefer the 335i M Sport over this.

alvz c says:

I got a 2014 320xi does anyone know why I don’t have the handle lock

Lefius Leftnut says:

I agree with the sound quality of BMW’s 4-bangers. From the video, it
sounds like a Honda 4-cylinder.

William speller says:

Thank you sooo much for the review , I couldn’t find any other reviews …
I Fuckin love you lol

Hewe Aweesomee says:

Its so cheap!! I’d rather get a 2013 Toyota Avalon Limited


is it possible to retune the car to make power such as the 328i or the old

crackaddict444 says:

Insanely lame car. Of course, they’ll sell millions to those blinded by the
BMW badge.

dlwilliams10 says:

what the hell am i paying 41 grand for that I can’t get in a 25 grand ford
focus? Or any other american car with even more features?

2theRedline says:

To be honest, we like the idea of the 320i with the 6-speed manual. We just
think it’s still overpriced once you add in the usual options to make it
more appealing. At $41 grand, this should have Nav, HIDS, a back-up camera,
and the sport package.

Justin Donahue says:

Im pretty sure there are worse things in life than driving than driving a
low power BMW. Terminal illness, being raped, …driving a 2007 Kia for

TheZane03 says:

E46 will forever be my favorite 3 series

damieg82 says:

uh, this new 320i IS turbocharged. As the reviewer correctly said, it’s a
detuned version of the 328′s engine. Next time use Google… a quick trip
to BMW USA’s website will confirm it’s a 2 litre turbo engine in the 320.

mrcreyna13 says:

It is soo stupid to buy Ridicoulus fast cars Because when you step on it
There is always gonna be a cop going after you ——–> My story with a

77rxpharmacy says:

@brorowcarwiz Disagreed. People who are in the market for a luxury car do
in fact look for value. I think you’re thinking of those people who lease
their lexus or bmw every 3 years and pretend they own their cars. A recent
addition to my cars is a 2012 genesis coupe 3.8. It’s a lot of car for the
money and a grossly underestimated sports car. In fact I place is above the
is350 (2010) but below the 335i (2011). Value matters.

Kobe Jordan says:

It takes premuim fuel wtF?

bmwmsport11 says:

this makes the 328i look like a 335 lol i would never spend money on a 320.
maybe 328.

squeakD says:

Ha! Anyone else spot the white late model Rolls Royce at 13:10 in the
background? B’mer getting photo-bombed by a Rolls (lol)

MrCarGuy20 says:

What a disgrace BMW has become.

Bo Jon says:

when did you car people become so feminine? why you complaining Jack?

ontarioification says:

my kia rio has standard heated seats and almost as much power and just as
much plastic


Did you buy one yet?

TheK24Kyle says:

honestly i dont think its worth picking fights with people over how fancy
their corolla is LOL. however IMO there needs to be a line between drive
dynamics and price. 41 grand can work wonders over in the japanese luxury
department with maybe even better drive dynamics and double the value. for
me its 328 and up is where the car’s at.

97I30T says:

This is still way too damn expensive

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