2013 BMW 335i review

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If you are in the market for a BMW 3 Series, the 335 is the way to go if you can afford the upgrade.


trinhk says:

Finally a review that is from Canada and talks about the use for winter
driving. Thank you.

Ted Riggs says:

Great review. I would have loved more information, as this felt a like a
short summary, but your presentation was very well done and professional.
Can’t stand the reviews by the young know-it-alls don’t don’t appear to
actually know anything. Not that you’re old. lol

TheHilarious91 says:

volvo has nice dashboard??

indonev123 says:

Am I the only one who think it’s worthless to get a car like this in

Nate Kenny says:

The revised iDrive is better than Audi’s MMI system hands down. Dont know
what this guy is talking about

JStreet 2505 says:

Those wheels just do not suit that car with the M Sport trim the 19″ wheels
look so much better.

Efrain Salas says:

*dope beemer*

TheBoulder11 says:

I would agree with you on the whole volume thing if you didn’t have volume
control on the wheel. It’s not like you don’t already have a hand on the

GabrooSherPunjabDda says:

Zack, you should be working for motortrend. 

Lazio2009 says:

Love the colour! AWD for those cold Canadian winters for me.

Fools says:

very nice detailed review

SirMedic says:

Does somebody of you know where BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche and Audi come

Kagisho Montjane says:

M Sport F30 looks best with the Star-Spoke Styling mags on 18inch or 19
inch. Mags on this review should not be allowed to be rocked by any M sport
lol. nice car though, lets hope BMW has sorted out the “valve seals” issues
and the new Beemer wont smoke latter on like most E90s. 

Carlo Piscasio says:

i think the idrive system is fantastic, once you get used to it. i love my

Laurence Wu says:

I love the blue that this bmer has. Sooooogoood

Ringo Suen says:

Which 5 bmw’s have you owned? Just wondering! 

Andrew Truong says:

Only if BMW was as reliable and durable as Jap cars. That would be the
perfect car

Wall E says:

So wrong. iDrive is way better than MMI, hands down. I can’t stand MMI –
the only reason why I can’t buy an Audi right now.

Chris says:

I don’t know. I rented the 2010 328 xdrive 3 years. I did not not lease
again, that new front end does not do it for me. Waiting for 2 series

其實我是個導演 says:

i feel dizzy when the car keeps going around…

papaction says:

they are all german cars

Justin P says:

finally a car guy doing reviews GREAT review . actually know what you
talking about . highly recommended 

HybridEnergy says:

Come on, using exhaust tips like the ones from pep boys and auto zone on
cars in this price range is embarrassing to say the least.

david dykeman says:

Excellent review Zach! Is the tranny a dual clutch? The background music
was too loud.

Ivar - Andrè Follestad says:


r1pster says:

shit rims

nyak63RUS says:

Oi! People, grow up. iDrive, MMI, Cue, whatever the case may be, it’s a
matter of personal choice. There’s no way to say objectively that one
system is better than any other because what’s “best” will be decided by
the end user.

Hans Klostermann says:

iDrive is so much better than Mmi. Audi even copied iDrive. I mean c’mon.
It couldn’t be more obvious that iDrive is more efficient

Larry Phouthavongsy says:

is this the bridle path?

mandersen says:

Finally! An MSport 335i xDrive review on youtube. (And a good one at that)
Thanks for reviewing this beauty….mine is almost to the LA port, it’s
been on a boat since late February. Thank you for a great review and for
the perfect color combo as well (though I may be a bit biased…)

NeutralGenericUser says:

1) I used to think this car was hot, but since the new Lexus IS F-Sport was
unveiled, this looks less appealing to me now. I really don’t like BMW
interiors 2) I’m surprised you prefer Audi MMI over iDrive. My mom has a
2012 Q7 S-Line, and that’s what annoys me the most about that car (besides
lack of power and lazy transmission, and the check engine light every month
or so). The whole four corners thing is a bad idea and I wish Audi would
change it. I much prefer the system in my Infiniti M.


I didn’t know the M sport package has AWD??? can anyone confirm?

Keiranhillbilly says:

That’s what you would choose? Yup, your fuel price is cheap as hell
compared to Scotland. You couldn’t afford to run that over here that’s why
we have to get the 330d.

venom5809 says:

Is that the outside of your house? Damn.

Japplesnap says:

The AWD BMW looks “hunkered down”??? Are you kidding? That’s one of my
biggest complaints with BMW. Their AWD models don’t look hunkered down at
all. For whatever reason, only Audi can make an AWD car that has a nice low
ride height.

Henry. says:

my dream car! Except I’d want the 18″ 7 split spoke wheels instead of the
“modern” line wheels.

XxHardcorexxGamerxX says:

Excellent review as always!!

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