2013 BMW 550i xDrive Sedan REVIEW on Everyman Driver

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2013 BMW 550i First Drive & Review on Everyman Driver with Dave Erickson. Visit http://www.everymandriver.com/ Support the EMD Team with a $20 Gas Card via P…


Jerome Jax says:

I like the caddy better. Give me a CTS-VSport. More modern and luxurious.

peter costello says:

65k with the perfect balance of sport luxury and power bmw engineering runs
at 200k miles how it did at 10k miles lets not forget you’ll leave almost
anything in dust that comes your way with that 4.4 twin turbo v8 very nice
car that will last decades I really want one in pearl white with beige

AlphaAsFuark! says:

Not even the M Sport.

Dan Y says:

Ohh boy another 1. Navigation became standard only on 2014 models.
This review is a bust. 80% of info is incorrect 

Moby Dick says:

This guy works his calf muscles hard….legs are still skinny tho, sorry.

JET997u says:

What is it about BMWs that is both predictable and boring these days?
Let’s start with the styling…. every BMW sedan looks the same,
regardless of 3, 5, or 7 Series. 

Danilo Drašković says:

I’ve driven it. The car is ballistic, and perfect in anyway. I just can’t
remember anything that is less than perfection in build quality as well.

Max Kenyon says:

There is no spare tire bc new BMWs cone standard with run flats, just so
you know. :) 

TheDustyRavage says:

I dont understand why these cars are cheap as shit in the US… here in
Germany our own cars are really not affordable… I guess there is at least
40% price difference

TheDayisMineTrebeck says:

You forgot the sport package

eltingville81 says:

Ugly rims and tires for this price range. 

S CHE says:

This coming week I’m planning on visiting my local authorized BMW
dealership and purchasing a 2013 550i Sedan on their local site it shows
the 550i Sedan with 400HP and 450 pounds of torque, though this video
reviews the xDrive variant so I was just confused since it says 445HP an
480 pounds of torque. 

SwinginHouse says:

Drivning in Flip Flops is really professional…

Christopher Turner says:

This guy is hot! And nice legs

venictos says:


Desmond McHugh says:

You can’t cool the seats in the rear…

ahmed harbi says:

Lovely love it

Joshua Smith says:

*@everymandriver, I agree Dave, you should wear a tank sometimes. Change it
up! Good video tho!

Peter Gowtu says:

Well this car costs right around 150usd in my country’s currency rate.

realcuteguyyayiyayi says:

side blinds are option on 5 series; those were heated rear seats, comfort
seats (ventilated and active seats) are only available for the front seats
when you purchase the package, you can also get 4 zone climate control for
the rear along with rear entertainment system; the tested car is also
missing comfort access with foot sensor truck opener; all 5 come with
standard RFT whether with summer or all season tires in either this base
trim or M sport trim thus no spare

bg1379 says:

5 minutes of content in this

Lauwke Maastricht says:

Really great car and a nice review. Like the comparison with the m a lot.
Gives a good insight. Wearing flip-flops is ok on the beach. But for a
(professional) presenter in a car review in a car of that class. …Lost a
couple of credibilty points there.

Ahmed Shahreer says:

Baler gari, Dave shaved thang

Bezor Ta says:

In Sweden we have often a lot of snow in the winter. I have a 320i and with
winter tires I manage just fine and never get stuck (never turn off
stability and traction control). I’ve also tested AWD BMW 3 series to see
if it was any good. You have to test it yourself to see how easy it drives
through a lot of snow and ice. It got great traction.You can drive through
a lot of fresh snow that is not packed. But if it’s packed very soon the
cars floor is on the snow and your wheels are of the ground

Barack Smith says:

Now We are talking, a Real car not a Shit-box!

tnycman says:

The same applies to Audi’s,Benz VW, Lexus and so on.., once the warranty
runs out you assed out.. So what’s you point genius ?

fantomtuba says:

Finaly, a everyman video that gets straight to the car, instead of an into
of “check out this totaly unrelated car in a future video”

tnycman says:

The 2014 is coming out with 445 HP, and Dinan stage 2 on the top it would
be a beast.. :)

tnycman says:

There are plenty of cars that are low and perform well on snow..

Somy92zabjelo says:

The M-package of this 550ix is very close to a real ///M5, however I would
be really happy even with 530i xD

mmz77 says:

What do you mean o blank handles?

Paul Ho says:

Dave, you should totally wear a tank top one day.

bigums15 says:

Damn ipad auto fill!!!! Argh!!!!

TheMrcnut says:

ED: So, this adaptive suspension system is awesome. I assume it involved an
enormous amount of computer power and extremely unusual, if not unique,
components. These form a very very complicated system that is new to the
market for you. Salesman: Yes, it is unique. We build the Ultimate Driving
Machine. ED: OK, so when it breaks a few days out of warranty (which you
can be assured it will), how much will it cost to replace? Are we talking
high 4 figures or are we heading into 5 figure land?

Nick Pagauisan says:

Great family car more sport still family m3

MrRussian2023 says:

Dang 68gs

J Lew says:

Love your reviews Dave. Keep up the good work!

Aautogroup says:

E550 is the best. This is OK if you have never driven on been in a E550

Adam Phebus says:

anyone else think the music is straight out of a porno?

msp3551 says:

2013 doesn’t have the new n63tu. It still has 400 horsepower not 445.

CmanCorporations says:

You don’t need a spare tire because it has run flats on the vehicle.

TheMrcnut says:

“I’ve seen these cars drive in 20 inches of snow” The correct response to
that is can we see some documentary evidence because the front bumper is
approximately 3 inches off the ground and frankly that is hard to believe.

579093 says:

It’s a lot of money. Nice touch to the ending.

bigums15 says:

This is not a readies as much as it is a commercial. The fact that you have
a representative from a BMW dealer automatically disqualifies this as a
legitimate “review”.

tyler lewis says:

No it doesn’t here in the US it’s about 70-75k depending on the options

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