2013 BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe Review with Ross Rapoport by RoadflyTV

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Vehicle: 2013 BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe Host: Ross Rapoport To see additional pictures and the window sticker for the 2013 BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe, visit: http…


Headley Duncan says:

saw one of these on the street and it looks niccce

ezar howard says:

Well base price for the M6 Grand Coupé is $111k, so I think it’s a bargin.
It’s almost the sam chassis just with a more powerful engine and lighter

FiredEmpire says:

This man is one of the best reviewers on youtube.
Very honest, logical and informative. Please keep up the good work.

Philip Garrelts says:

Ross you guys should do a comparison between the BMW Gran Coupe and the
Porsche Panamera. Please and thank you!!

tionicho says:

Nice Car but @108k I would take a CLS63 and have a real performance

smp336 says:

Review the x5 because the last time u guys did a review was in 2006 for the
2007 x5

Jackmerius Tacktheritrix says:

Over priced. The best is the 2013 BMW M6

jimmyhoffa9 says:

Noipe. I can see you’ve never driven them. The M3 is a nice car, but it’s
more about the drive than hammering it. And the M5 is just a bigass
autobahn cruiser.

Vallecaucanisimo says:

What are you talking about!!! You have all of your facts mixed up!! I
refuse to continue arguing with someone who denies that a M3 and a M5 are
not high performance cars.

ThePharm4Life says:

roadfly quit.. . . rip

Seito76 says:

And yes I know the A7 is German and not Japanese, just saying I’ll take it
over the BMW.

twenty514 says:

4 door coupes should have a more aggressive profile. You should see it and
be surprised there’s another set of doors, like the A7 or CLS who both do
this really well. I see this and it’s not as aggressive on the “coupe” part
as I’d want it to be.

jimmyhoffa9 says:

You’re still wrong. I said people buy BMW’s because of looks, status,
efficiency and uber quality, and performance. No-one with half a brain buys
a BMW just for the perfomance. And the 6 series isn’t a limo, that’s the 7
you’re thinking of. The 6 is next step up to the 5 in luxury, style
performance etc.

Patrick Edwards says:

I love this car…but I’d still rather have a A7 Sportback…

7birchlane says:

Great job Ross as usual! You made my decision easier, thank you. I love my
2013 Gran Coupe!

Ross Rapoport says:

I’m 5’6″ and balding bro, no one is pouring anything like that on me

Cordovarian says:

omg i just realized that I’m the exact height of Ross and I’m only 15 xD

bmw4dea says:

I absolutely love this car. I think it’s stunning and gorgeous :-) My
boyfriend leased one a couple weeks ago. For $94,000 the lease payment is
$779. Not bad at all.

jimmyhoffa9 says:

I wouldn’t say “ripped off”, lots of different people can think of one
awesome idea. That’s like accusing Audi of ripping off BMW, because they
have such nice interiors etc.

Beautybaby716 says:

Dude emme should do this review she would review it better then Ross

Justinaadu says:

Well it doesn’t look as good, doesn’t sound as good, isn’t a Mercedes…
I’ll stick with the CLS. Especially next year when it has AWD and 577hp.

PulletSurprise says:

Look at the features and drive the cars. Going off of how things were 20
years ago is a great way to come off looking like a fool.

jimmyhoffa9 says:

A bit more than that. Nicer interior, by alot for one. Try drive one, and
compare it to the 5 series. It’s well worth the money-just not optioned

TangoR34 says:

I can’t believe BMW ripped off Infiniti for those side and top mounted

Adam Stutt says:

The bmw with the m5 v8 with make it a very but now it’s like 318i from the

mattpenner420 says:

too heavy and not enough power. i also dont like 4 door cars.

scorpion251970 says:

Roadfly reviews all these cars most of us can’t afford. I guess
autoguide/autoblog is more my price range.

Arthur TheSemiDutch says:

I like pie, I can afford it too :)

bobodrink2 says:


Lance Coleman says:

There’s the M Sport package which makes it looks more sporty and agressive.
And also the M6 Gran Coupe is coming.

Laith Behnam says:

Who noticed camera guy’s creepy smile 0:56-0:59?

Christopher Rennehan says:

Hasn’t Infiniti had the around view camera system for years now?

Steve Rogers says:

I love the bloopers.

Light Yagami says:

Lexus Infiniti and Acura being on the same technological level as Mercedes
Benz? Haha, who knew March also had it’s own Fool’s day

DroverChicago says:

108K and still no V8? Jeez.

killkaveh says:

Great looking car, finally BMW making nice cars again. Bad thing with the
big German brands is the option list, putting $30k on that car sounds crazy
but would be easy with all the technology packages. Then again $80k for
that car you would think there would be more standard tech.

Walter Gramer says:

seeing him in that car, is like finding a MOUSE in a RAT TRAP…

dpresuto says:

Great review, but I don’t think this comes close to the CLS in looks or
interior. My only gripe with the review is that the background music was
really loud, and I had a hard time hearing Ross. I would much prefer just
hearing the car–one thing I always want to know is whether some engine
noise (real, not digitally enhanced, M5…) makes it into the cabin.

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