2013 BMW 6-series Gran Coupe

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BMW expands the 6 Series range to three models in June 2012 with the introduction of the Gran Coupé. BMW’s first four-door coupé combines the elegant and spo…


Adrian Z says:

I’ll change my Audi for this any day. Think I need to migrate to BMW 

Dilendra De Silva says:

The car and music really does match together..

stonerKYLE951 says:

I saw a couple of these beautys today heard the turbo spool up it was secks

Johnathan wu says:

is this sort of a replacment for the M6, are they still making the m6?

Mohammad Sharofna says:

this BMW vs Mercedis CLS the 6-series Gran Coupe sexy ,but CLS is the

Johnathan wu says:

ohh thats alright, as long as they dont replace m6 all is good

illy2222ace says:

GOD tell me plzzz why didnt you make me rich yet???? Cs i want this car!!!!

graphicdesignloser says:

I’ll never drive anything else.

RmediaStudios says:

Oh my!!!!!

RAP1073 says:

Thats more than a Dreamcar!

TheHoustonRocket says:

anyone know the name of the song?

BMW Niederlassung Dortmund says:

Then you don’t understand the sense of building the 6series GranCoupé –
it’s the four-door-version of the normal BMW 6series :) This one is for
those, how want to have more place at the backseets,a.s.o….

lps88 says:

fucking beautiful

resellworld says:

Same here……apparently ‘Grand’ coupe means 4 doors =/

emsicz says:

4 years old 6 series will be at the end of it’s life. Simply put: You pay
less for the car, and then you’ll have to pay thousands for replacement of
mechanical parts, not even talking about all those electrical gadgets going
all wrong.

kivanc baskaya says:

does any info about the music?

NinjaMasterZer0 says:

usually they use the HD Go Pro but not sure if they’re using them in this

dpain0 says:

So beautiful :’)

Brunosautoshop says:

the shape, same as a cls benz

BestJinjo says:

Who cares about a marketing name. If you want a coupe of this car, they
have it, it’s called the 6 series! This one clearly competes against CLS
and A7 and everyone knows it. The sporty versions of this cars are far
better executed than the E-Class, A6 and the 5 series. This is why this
class of car is far more fashionable and prestigious. The “traditional” 4
door family sedan is too boring now. I think the sedan with coupe
silhouette is very refreshing.

doctor_calv says:

This is the best BMW. All their other ones are shit…

GameBenchers says:

Looks sexy. I like it.

Igor Artamonov says:

Probably, the best looking BMW (interior/exterior) so far. Also, the best
looking car in it’s class.

Suh da distroyer says:

Simply put: The best car ever! Best exterior and best interior. Will wait
3-4 years once bulk of depreciation has taken its toll, then will be buying
one for sure!!

resellworld says:

Wow Epic EPIC Fail on your part for not getting the joke whatsoever…..and
then you typed all of that text which I didn’t even read. Stop wasting time
and watch the video.

FuturisticDon says:

Wow just stunning the transition of a coupe to a sedan is remarkable just
breathtaking how it retains in coupe attributes

GQstyless says:

Best looking Sedan ever! But i also love the Benz CLS!

njapies says:


rockstargamesuae says:

@mummyjohn Well… Mercedes fault.

eronhawk says:

bmw is one of the most precious cars out there and design there is.

Monkeylabs says:

They’ve already revealed the new M6. This is a competitor to the CLS and A7.

ya coco says:


japster1113 says:

beautiful car.. on the rear seat though there seems to be an unusual number
of seatbelts..

m.K.c. says:

Bir alex değil, CLS hiç değil…

LennerM123 says:

Its legal where Im from :)

BestJinjo says:

I watched the video and I love the car :)

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