2013 BMW 7 Series (740i) Start Up and Review 3.0 L Inline Turbo 6-Cylinder

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Max Schneider says:

Please hit a bridge pier and die you jerkoff, you don´t deserve this car.

Frank Assnot says:

Please STOP posting comments about income inequality. We know life is not
fair. And its not going to change. Suck it up and keep moving. Enjoy the

keyan sharifpour says:

I have this car

Property Of September says:

Did he mention the car is a 7 series M?

Craig Walker says:

Push button start. Push the button and the car will start. Don’t hold the
button down until the car is running. 

T om says:

rofl hyundai equus has no rights to be in the same class as this car s
class or a8… ._.

cheeks11us says:

all ppl shouldnt have access to buy this representative car…this is
example..sorry for my opinion, i mean all luxury cars….because its sick
to see prick in this kind of car

Ben W. says:

I know the facts, and 50% don’t pay any taxes. So guess who pays? There is
the math. Enough w your communist “working class” crap.

kvbonds says:

trying to sound just like the other car guy u copycat prick

superstan121 says:

Just a little correction, those headlights are adaptive Bi-Xenon
headlights, not HID’s


What would a typical 3 year 10k miles a year lease with no money down
except for taxes and bank fees be for this aprox…

Camerons Car Reviews says:


anthony cooper says:

I like the 740i more than the 750LI it seem to be more sporty and has the
feel of a five series beemer, smaller if you know what I mean. More sporty,
refine than the bigger models. What a fantastic machine, BMW is getting
more refined and techno savvy. You can’t go wrong with a new or one thats a
couple of years old. see you down the road.

anthony cooper says:

The Good thing is these cars are design to last well into 300-600 and maybe
1M miles you could easily get 10 years out of a used one 4 or 5 years old,
Look at the 740il stillon the road and looking good. I have an 07 750i and
it’s 6.6 years old and still running fine, I’ll keep it for 5 more years
and get a 2011 or 2012 750li which will take me another ten years or
so..point being they are built to last if cared for. And hold there age

millwrightman99 says:

Beautiful car , but keep in mind its almost a hundred grand and in three
years it will be worth about 40 or less . Nice to see how the filthy rich
live , while the rest of the population are told to pay their taxes and eat
cake , sorta makes you long for a guillotine or two to take a load off
their wealthy shoulders . Nice review though , show us a v-12 version .the
760 .LI .

richzilla08 says:

thank you for uploading this video for me :)

colin solomita says:

Wow do an x3 nextt

superstan121 says:

And the previous iDrive was exactly the same except for the slower hard
drive and different resolution, it hasn’t really changed…

cedricr83 says:

Your just saying that because you can’t afford one

Camerons Car Reviews says:

thank you and i agree

millwrightman99 says:

I don’t think you know shit . definitely not math by any means .If only 5 %
of the population are rich then the bulk of the taxes are paid by the
working class , but your too smart to figure that out .I’m no Commie I’ve
paid 30 % of my gross for my entire life you jerk weed ..I’m a skilled
tradesman . I have a few very rich acquaintances who pay hardly any tax and
drive mult hundred thousand dollar cars all the time so go suck it . The
rich designed the country t fuck the poor in every way.

cedricr83 says:

Yep nice 73,000 dollar car

Desca says:

Beautiful car , love BMW and M package .

millwrightman99 says:

Maybe you should check your facts before spouting off .Its the working
class that pay the bulk of the taxes not the rich.The rich do a lot of
prancing around but the working class pull the wagon train .That is the
reason for every 7 series sold there are over one thousand Toyota tha leave
the assembly line .Do the math genius even at that lowly level , 90 % of
the nations wealth is controlled by less than 10 % of the people ..You must
be delusional or brain washed by bullshit rhetoric.

Ben W. says:

yeah, you sound like the typical Obama supporter, who believes the rich
“owe” them something in this world. Meanwhile the taxes the rich pay go to
subsidize those who do little but multiply.

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