2013 BMW 7-Series 750Li Road Test and Drive Review

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Alex L. Dykes takes the refreshed BMW 750Li out for a spin. Check out our video as we talk about BMW’s new engine lineup featuring two twin-turbo V8s, a twin…


NOLAItsNotOva says:

@StefanD67 Saabkyle04 doesn’t test drive cars because he is not given the
cars to do an actual review. Those cars are for sale so he cannot drive
them. The ones Alex reviews are loaned to him for a week. Also, Saabkyle04
goes through essentially everything in the car so idk what you’re talking
about there

LexusboyLS says:

Good review.

Neal Patel says:

there is no reason to make a separate review on the jaguar xj anymore is

Blackciti West says:

I really like this car. 

Antonio Arnold says:

Are you serious, I’m so in love with BMW

Loveneverfails184 says:

Shut up with that jaguar already! Is this a bmw review or a freakin jag?

StefanD67 says:

I prefer these review to SAABKYLE04. This guy shows the cars functions and
test drive. New favourite reviewer. 

BimmerTech says:

Putting the BMW 750Li to the test http://ow.ly/lrHTm

Bruce Solomon says:

Excellent review!

randy zive says:

@3:23 you can splash JIZZ all over the controls if you’re not careful. TSK

Roshan Kumar says:

mercedes benz is better the trunk is better actually

Bharath Bodepudi says:

The car suits him!!!!!

Luc Detiger says:

is anyone freaked he went in a car trunk

Skyhighblu says:

cupholders, always an issue in the 7

athatally9 says:

فو برق

John K. Lindgren says:

Do you really have to drink soda while driving, duh?

2IronBird says:

i`m Mercedes Benz fan, but i agree about interior… this BMW realy haves
better interior than Mercedes.

murat umac says:

do u see 2014 mercedes s ? body is ok but intreror disgusting… especially
the steering wheel…

abood karajeh says:

Mercedes s class more reliable but the interior isn’t that much

Popa Robert says:

the car doesn’t suits him

John K. Lindgren says:


sha744631 says:


abood karajeh says:

Mercedes de

300horsepower says:

S class 2014

Jim Cox says:

What are you reviewing the Jaguar or BMW? Sounded like you prefer Jag more.
Stick to the car your reviewing. I don’t give a crap about Jags.

drivelinetime says:

Where did you get that from?

VMATT500C says:

Good, review.

Muhannad Aldajan says:

You don’t sound strange.. wish you speed recovery

Saro Wanes says:

Seriously? Trunk Comfort?

300horsepower says:

The best looking car with the most luxurious interior id the A8 audi.

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