2013 BMW ActiveHybrid3 – WINDING ROAD POV Test Drive

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For the best video experience, we recommend wearing a good set of headphones. The audio in this video was recorded with binaural microphones that, when playe…


nature10879 says:

and it costs much more. Just dont make sense to me at all

Jack Mehoff says:

I’m sure the driver wasn’t exactly trying to achieve stellar fuel economy.
This driver is known to have a lead foot.

MRFUCKOFF202 says:

I know, but so do I.

NikoBell12 says:

…to get an STD.

FlyingMaxFr says:

I don’t like this car. Looks like a common BMW. That’s not what you expect
from a car like that

JoJo Saintz says:

or a gtr but id rather see the 458

jonny5777 says:

Interior looks better than the exterior. Why do Americans need bongs when
the door is open? Don’t they notice?

suomiauto says:

At 1:00 that blue sticker on the engine cover annoys the hell out of me.

Jack Mehoff says:

2003 Acura CL type S 6 speed if you can find one of those rare cars…that
would be an amazing video!

MercedesAMG Fan says:

Can you guys do one with the Mercedes Sls Amg please? I love that car.

zurdo85XIX says:

With a driving style like that, no powertrain/drivetrain concept will ever
be able to achieve low energy consumption…

MacGuru17 says:

There’s absolutely no reason to buy this when the diesels are out now in
the US.

Eric M says:

True, they need to work on that and introduce diesel hybrids.

Veyronp87 says:

waste of money

Landon Thomas says:

Wow ten minutes already???

Stan Andrei says:

Test drive a 2013 Ford Fusion Titanium please!

Pepé says:

Always happy to see a new winding road pov :-) keep it up guys!

Mahid Malik says:

Wow its so quiet

XxDANIELiSxX says:

Typo on username. Blame it on the touch screen

Mazin Al-Waili says:

First XD

root9065 says:


GwoodBloodz says:

no good

DeblinOfficiel says:


Baibars Bošnjaci says:

u need to be fast to get our like :)

beeqool says:

does anyone know, how can i find out what camera setup is this guy using?
model and placement i mean, how does he get this pov view.

AcirfaAuddyTech says:

Dull “high” bird.

David Jackson says:

BMW is the BEST CAR!

XxDANIELiSxX says:

@johny577 We have no idea. We don’t ask for them. But we do have the
occasional idiot so that’s why. No but really, the bmw usually doesnt have
the door ajar ring. Only the ring saying it lost key fob proximity. So I
too, am curious on why it is heard on this model.

CoolMinerJ says:

Nice one.. If possible can you do a POV of a Prius C or V?

Kyle Quindo says:

maybe if your rich and you want your son to save the world but he doesnt
want to drive a prius..

Rafael Calha says:

458 please!

Dossain Soares says:

Got any Ferrari vids

Вадим Шустер says:


Dylan Herlicka says:

I agree

Wybe Kloppenburg says:

well, they’re fast

جايسون says:

Me to

alkhars11 says:

Caprice SS/Lumina SS please !

riseofhonor says:

AHHH please do one on the 2013 F30 335i M sport! my dream car right now!

Carter Lemmons says:

You don’t save any money no matter how efficient it is.

MRFUCKOFF202 says:

I saw 25 MPG there, that’s only 3 MPG more than my 2009 Jeep Grand Cherokee
and about 5 less than my mum’s 2005 Volvo S60…

incyphe says:

I have seen this one as a loaner…. must not be a hot seller.

Crown Royal says:

omggggggg i love your POVs!

kr0pp says:

Correction: hybrids are a joke. Buy a BMW diesel when you want economy

derbigpr500 says:

Why the hell would anyone buy a hybrid when you can get a diesel which
offers better performance, better reliablity and does 60-80 mpg depending
on a model…

bmwmsport11 says:

BMW hybrids are a joke. Clear giveaway that their trying to make money off
of you, cause it only get like 2 mpg better than the normal full gas models.

Maulanio Kubanel says:

Ни хера себе она валит!!!

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