2013 BMW M3 with Matt Farah on CarCast

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2013 BMW M3 with Matt Farah on CarCast http://www.CarCastShow.com.


xavier xe says:

the short guy is such a faggot, he tries to cover his mistakes and know
almost nothing about the car and lies about if he has driven the car, what
an a–hole

onemoreroll says:

But but but…you didn’t drive it..:(

D . J . G says:

i watched the whole think waiting to see them drive it 

nick demetrios says:

Umm the carbon fiber roof is standard on all coupes you can delete it for a
steel roof with a moonroof for a cost

BossManOG says:

Carbon fiber roof is actually an option and costs quite a bit. So its not
exactly bare ass.

hon jon says:

I swear i thought the guy was black in the beginning, but he finally
stepped into sunlight, and i was totally wrong.

Brian William says:

Bad ass! — not you Matt, the car =)

Lee Zaal says:

great car but overpriced and lacking in gadgets & goodys inside

CR7vaporz says:

Car is a beast performance-wise but the exterior is too tacky, why not just
stick to a regular 3 series exterior

superorgasm says:

0:15 “I havent been in this car” 1:02. “i just drove it on the way here”..
well so much for credibility.

CarsonHassler says:

Adam you lazy old whop! Make more of these please,as long as YOU are in

madworldbestsong says:

Sorry, I guess they didn’t know his co-host cant do his own video.

TheSmokingTire says:

yeah, the M3 runs the quarter mile in the low-mid 12′s depending on the
driver and conditions. That’s accurate. I fully admitted not knowing the

chris lucy says:

Stop watching @ 2:28, too much talking not enough driving & exhaust notes

kjparlay says:

Torque is 295 lb-ft.

Jon Haur says:

There’s a reason it limits the rpms when cold. Way to rev a nice cold
engine… -___-

sungod1976 says:

Adam, get your butt on the next video, okay? I don’t care if you don’t know
all the facts and are hungover

Tony tran says:

Id rather get a 2013 charger rt and save30 grand =

sweeeptheleg says:

Prefer Adam not in them. Feels like he is doing us a favor by showing up.
Feels like he phones his reviews in and relies on Matt to have the facts.

jnzkngs says:

You guys need to get VIA Motor’s XTRUX on! You might need to record some
exaust noises on an Ipod to play through the stereo though. :)

Thei9Ways says:

i think i would personally like the car better like this than with all the
extra shit… im so used to having manual windows and stuff lol

Jesse H says:

4:50 you need to press down till the pedal clicks or else it’l limit the

Chris Deegan says:

The biggest clowns. How are you reviewing the car and not know the TQ?

Jayz2293 says:

@tony tran cause your a homo

rondo cap says:

Entertaining, I like these presentations. Just got to be a little more
careful with the facts though, like the torque (295) and even quarter mile
time. Did he say 12 seconds? Otherwise great!

MuffinHatred says:

My dealer sold a limerock m3 and it was one of 200. unfortunately, I never
saw it in person.

yyyy2999 says:

i dont know why but this m3 looks to feminine…

iBoos says:


KpopNiDontStop says:

screw 82 thousand for all that extra jazz.

SheerHippo says:

Or people that have the money and like the color/exclusivity…


it took a long time for that gay to open the door,shit

TheBoarderdude11 says:

What is the exhaust system for the M3 that sounds muscle car-esque that
Matt Farah is talking about?

TheSmokingTire says:

Paying $86,000 for an M3 is just stupid any way you slice it.

daniel gutierrez says:

the short dude looks like the guy from the program FRIENDS… lol…

ownTer says:

Relax kid…its just one episode.

willie liz says:

boss 302 will whoop this thing and i can pocket 20 grand

surewin says:

lol Matt. That’s exactly what I posted in the LRE M3 video in the BMW USA
channel. I’m sure you know this, but for the fanboys: The only M3 models
that are actually different that the standard M3 and aren’t just standard
M3s dressed up with BMW optional parts are the GTS and the CRT. Your
podcast with Joe Rogan was hilarious btw

santino iavarone says:

Its a fucking intake plenum with 8 throttle bodies and a ram air intake,
Not a plastic engine cover.

rondo cap says:

No biggie, love the videos on TST btw! Especially the longer car reviews.

rossluzz says:

If Matt likes the DCT then it must be good, I prefer this stripper model
too over one with all the gadgets and electronics.

TheSmokingTire says:

you weren’t missing much. It’s just like any other competition package M3,
but it’s painted orange and costs $10,000 more, meaning it’s bought by
exclusively morons.

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