2013 BMW M5 (F10) Start Up, Exhaust, and In Depth Review

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Hello and welcome to Saabkyle04! YouTube’s largest collection of automotive variety! In today’s video, we’ll take an up close and personal, in depth look at …


Cristi M says:

this is LCI version?

BoogieBMWE34 says:

totally useless material, for somebody who want to buy M5, who had before
two previous generations, and what the most important – who know what M5
is, in contradiction to author of that video…

TheKittehGamerz says:

I am probably selling my bmw 323i and this.

Blake Gilmore says:

pink floyd!!!!!!

StickyFingers says:

it passes everything but a gas station.

theLegeNdkillA95 says:

dream car

Dim K says:

20:40 – 6.1MPG Wow!

Jordan Park says:

I’m pretty happy, because my dad just purchased a bmw m3 e90 sedan 3 weeks
ago:) I came to my parent’s house today, and saw it. I drove it to
Encinitas, CA and it was just flawless. it’s comfortable, rides smooth,
love the v8 sound, 6mt is very responding, and lastly how it looks. I’m
really happy about my dad having this car, because he always thought bmw
was an unreliable brand. he just prove them wrong, the m3 gets as much mpg
as an average Honda pilot, which is great for a v8.

yes I know this is a cool story bro moment btw, but I’m just happy to see a
bmw in my family. ;)

Dodo Frodo says:

Sk04 love youre Videos ;)

MrMetal956 says:

Fuck yeah, Pink Floyd!!!!!

Gordon Henwood says:

should have got the M5 instead of the X5M..both great autos however, X5M
has all wheel drive..



Alaatin61 says:

Chekc my channel for the 2014 BMW M5

Jake says:

Space Grey Metallic, like the Space Grey iPhone 5s? Hahah!

VIDEO 8 says:

german cars just look sooooo well built

Nick C says:

amazing, so glad they went back to a V8.. this is my new favorite, the E39
M5 my 2nd now.. Great job on this review/demo BTW, very informative

flexifoil ion says:

Rear view parking camera: YOU SEE THE EXHAUST EPIC !

E-books franlaranja says:

all the best for the germany and usa, coolest places to live

rthelionheart says:

This is what I call perfection on four wheels… nothing to add to it,
nothing to remove from it. Simply put, flawless just out of the factory.

UBUNTU805 says:

pleas make video about BMW M5 E34 1989-1995

ibrahim torlak says:

ne diyo bu çavo laaa

emerson benner says:

If I were to spend this kind of money I would just go with the 2014 infiny
q50. It stands up to this car in so many different ways especially the
price difference. Its like choosing between paying for a name over actual

xXxVENM says:

A twin turbo v8 m5? , wheres the v10 gone?

William Hennum says:

The M5´s price in Norway is 385 000$ and i´m not kidding…

PB42189 says:

lol that dealership is crazy

Will Singh says:

I’ve just ordered 1 for the misses

Burberry man says:

HOLY SHIT just 90 grand for the m5 man you can’t even get a Prius for that
price in my country

Богомил Стоев says:

so much tech packed in this beast

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