2013 BMW M6 Review

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Review by Sebastian Benzoni – Manny Sanchez Edition Juan mayor.


Michael Applebee says:

you’ve gotta be fcking kidding me. I own this car. those cameras don’t work
past 25mph due to the frame-rate. additionally they are NOT designed to be
used “to see the apex while tracking the car” that’s what your eyes are
for. the side cameras are there to help drive the car through an
intersection with obstructed visibility. learn your shit 

3DSman3554 says:

Voxel get rid of Sebastian he has no idea what he is talking about almost
%45 of the stuff he was sayiing was wrong

Mike Collins says:

“It’s Actually a very simple engine until you start to have a look at
everything in it” this guy has no idea what he’s on about..

Mensur Kosumi says:

They’re talkin like they know shit about the M6, but they don’t, they just
dont have enough info about this car. You should have used the car a lil
bit more and then make the review.

TheGarvito says:

Using cameras on the track? Lol 

Kyori Yasanagi says:

like a car.

NiggerShooting says:

No clue what the hell he’s referencing to when he says “improved”. The
non-M 6 series or the old 6 series

Lawrence Lo says:

How does it drives like?

NiggerShooting says:

Side cameras are for pulling out when you have an obstructed view, not for
the apex…. Hahah what a joke

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