2013 BMW M6: When Power and Weight Fight, Who Wins? – Ignition Episode 24

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On this episode of Ignition, Carlos Lago searches for the soul inside the heavy yet powerful 2013 BMW M6 Convertible. Is the new M6 really a desirable driver…


JohnS1000RR says:

Why the fuck did they test the convertible and not the coupe!?

Christian Birgel says:

Why won’t BMW offer a v12 option in their M cars?

botafogao1 says:

Whoever is considering this car should just get a Porsche 911 Cabriolet.
Much better car for the money.

analanalyst says:

handling on the figure 8 was terrible. just an over powered. sloppy
cruiser. does not deserve the M badge in terms of handling

vendediesel says:

Ummm, the Viper and SLS are frequently compared to each other. Last I
recalled, Mercedes and Chrysler used to build cars together and still share
a parts bin partnership.

Khalil Missaoui says:

the power wins

Fabian Schmitt says:

Verry nice BMW

Marclay G says:

Does anyone know what music they played from 7:05-7:30?

sergio mercado says:
Griever423 says:

The Z06 and ZR-1 would disagree.


That sucks I liked V10 engine a lot better even though it peaked around
507hp the sound was a lot better. that

Fahad Qayyum says:

Obviously the convertibles going to be heavy!

nikhil swamber says:

this guy’s a waste..

Sergio Camara says:

My favorite car

bahraouik says:

He is an american white proud guy what do you expect…

daltonauto says:


TheHeinrichYin says:

i think the only problem with th m6 is weight

SneakerTifosi says:

Not to sound stupid but did anyone compare the m6 and the CL63?

MayorMcCheese78 says:

How come I dont hear any of the dipshit so called “car enthusiasts” call
this car a fat pig like the way they do the camaro?

Booker Loud says:

Carlos I’d like to offer you a little word of advice. Next time try doing
an objective evaluation when comparing a BMW M6 to another vehicle. You
really showed your hand (and your lack of automotive intelligence) by even
mentioning the Corvette in the same breath as the M6.

LDP120892 says:

what u must understand is corvette is better value for the money. i bet you
that you don’t have to take a vette n for service every 6 months. i like
bmw’s alot, very nice styling, powerful engines, high tech gadgets inside
and more but seriously the average american cant afford that.

Rafael C. says:

is it really? have you seen the worlds greatest drag race 3?

jockypoint says:

why do all americans compare everything too the corvette i dont think the m
design team even once took the corvette into consideration maybe the 911 or
amg cl63 or even xkrs jag but not the corvette.

ProDriver39 says:

nice car + safe + very fast

polobilenmin says:

I hate cab on m6!!

roasterboi says:

It was an analogy of something old and simple, everyone got it but you…

Bernie Leiva says:

this is a gt car… bmw are a pleasure for long ranges.

Gary Stephens says:

90% of the folks that buy this series, never drive it hard anyway.

mindiseverything says:

very laughable statement.

DaLeadBull says:

Damn that thing is ugly. Matter of fact, all soft top convertibles are ugly!

trytolookbusy says:

What a fag! MT, take this guy off your staff

xLukas13x says:

What tard. A 6 series is a luxury sports coupe. Corvette is just a sports
coupe. Guy doesnt know anything !

LK1801 says:

How can you compare a german luxury convertible like this with a corvette?
That doesn’t make sense at all. This is a luxury, enormeous powercruiser,
the corvette is a sportscar and obviously it isn’t luxurious, it’s just a
another segment then the BMW…

djkasdjkasdjdjdj says:

materials are easy, reliability not so much, anyone can make luxury cars
with wood trim and leather seats, but so few can make it reliable

Cesar Gonzalez says:

“Hard to get excited over a 4500 pound sports car” says the guy who test
sports cars for a living. I would pick this up in a heartbeat if I had the
bank roll for it.

ewt415 says:

Most people just watch reviews to hear reviewers praise the cars that they
like. The moment a reviewer criticizes a car, fanboys rave. That’s how one
can tell a fanboy from an enthusiast.

helloboy585 says:

VW ? any one see VW on the freeway or highway those days? I see more Kia
and Hyundai on the road. that is a fact.

FSMNoodlyAppendage says:

The M6 convertible, just like the SL63 and SL65, is a rich person boulevard
cruiser. It looks nice, you can be see in it, and it goes fast. Not my kind
of car, but it works for what it is.


tesla is not heard anywhere in the world other than california

deftgio says:

whre is old E63 sound? where is real M6 sound?

Josh Bmw says:

You can compare and m6 to a corvette, m6 is precision engineering, a
corvette is a bug engines, bad gap handling American muscle

crzzymnn911 says:

I’m American and I admit I agree with you.

K0nflux says:

For some people, the price of a car is not even relevant. They just want
the best car for their own preferences and needs.

TheMotoride says:

” i don’t knw what it is abt the Germans but lately all it seems they wanna
do is make their own interpretation of the Chevy Corvette..” how stupiddddd
is thatttt!!!!

Woo Cheol Shin says:

Completely agree. I can respect it. It’s amazing. But it’s just so friggin
heavy. The feeling that you’ll never get to feel the agility of driving a
lightweight car just ruins it especially because it’s M. And weight… is
everything, not power.

shiningyrlife says:

I rewatch the E39 M5 for inspiration after this.

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