2013 BMW X1 sDrive 28i Automotive Review

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2013 BMW X1 Automotive Review.


kwixotic says:

Look like Kanan Dume Rd. between Agoura and Malibu´╗┐

Neenofja says:

The X1 comes with a manual 6 speed transmission as standard in Europe´╗┐

Cloud Clou says:

Excellent video

Mirch Masala says:

Nice video, just what I was looking for

Mirch Masala says:

Hi chad, did u buy or lease this BMW ?

chad haire says:

I thought this was one of my better videos but too bad not many people are
watching it. My Jeep Patriot video is already up to 6,000 hits compared to
the BMW at 300. Go figure! Hope someone can toss the BMW around on facebook
or something.

chad haire says:

The car or the lizard?

chad haire says:

the youtube system is freeze framing my driving shots–I can’t fix it.
Sorry folks stay tuned

idiotgear says:

Nicely detailed video. I think the optional steering and M sport package
helped with the handling. I’m looking at a strippy model with zero options
so it would be competitively priced with the MINI Countryman S. This seems
a better value as it’s RWD with a nice motor/tranny.

Mirch Masala says:

Ha ha ha, the car of course

chad haire says:

thanks. I thought it was one of my better ones but was surprised that the
Jeep Patriot I did is at 5000 hits more than the BMW. Hope you can spread
this around on Facebook or something. It really needs more hits!

chad haire says:

cars are like women–you get em, break em in, ride em, then dump em before
they cost you money. So my answer is “Neither.” My what a sexist pig I am!
Thanks for watching.

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