2013 BMW X1 xDrive 35i 0-60 MPH Drive and Review

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http://www.TFLcar.com ) The 2013 BMW X1 is the least expensive new BMW that you can purchase in the United States. Of course that’s the rear-wheel drive 4 …


Paul Anderson says:

2:40 – Dear lord, please never wear short-shorts….

Brian Leong says:

Or x5

fatboy19831 says:

Wonderful city car. The steering is one of the best racks on a modern BMW
(awd only). I love the base AWD car. No nav leather. It is a 34k car. This
is a car. It is just a one 4 door with AWD. The 8 speed auto and the 4
cylinder are tons fast and lighter than the 6. With better fuel economy
also. If I were to get one that is the way I would go. For those that are
not stuck on BMW I would try the all new 15 WRX before you by an X1.

Bill White says:

$50k…..sheesh. I’ll pass.

Dan Murphy says:

Roman and Nathan, wouldn’t you say it competes more directly with the new
Audi Allroad? They both came out within a few months of one another and
they both have the ute qualities that young, small families might find
attractive (big trunk, AWD, decent ground clearance etc). I know the
powertrains aren’t as similar but I think it has always been that way. i.e.
when you look at the A4 and hold it next to the 3 series, yes they compete
directly but BMW offers 4 engine choices whereas the Audi still only offers
the same turbo 4. I have had mixed feelings about these videos but after
almost a year of consistent watching I am pleased with the reviews and
think that you both are doing a very good thing. As a ‘car guy’ and
aspiring auto-journalist I found these videos to be somewhat basic as far
as the information I received from watching. This is a good thing because
not everyone is a car guy, in fact many people are very interested in
automobiles but do not know much about them, that’s where you guys step in
by providing light hearted, funny and helpful reviews for a wider variety
of people. Thanks for the great videos and best of luck!

Maad Dan says:

I’d buy it, spend a bit more cash and have a 400hp, 400lb-fb small car.
Would do 0-60 in the 4 seconds range.

Shane Roye says:

you should review the bmw x3

Marcus Pugh says:

One of the reviewers prefers the antiquated 6-speed just because of the
shift lever? They lost me at that point. I guess their education level
isn’t high enough to figure out the 8-speed lever. BTW, the 8-speed comes
with the 28i.

David Hee says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

Dr Just says:

It was a toss-up between the X3 and the X1 but after watching your video
and some more in-depth research, I settled on the X1. You’re right, it’s
such a fun car to drive and I thank you for the great video.

Dan Murphy says:

LOL just noticed you did the 0-60 while barreling towards the 15 MPH sign

therearetoomanyhuman says:

You guys are awesome, I love your videos!
keep up the good work

thakurhitesh10 says:

What? U get 6 speed in the US, whereas all other markets get 8-speed
steptronic… That’s strange. 

Rocco Astoria says:

my white M package x3 kills this..this is tiny and wayyyy overpriced for
what u get

Veyronp87 says:

bmw’s are so overpriced, but customers are willing to pay the premium

Parrots and Potatoes says:

You bring good points.

Liam McNeice says:

Even with the Benz 250, consider the Lexus IS250 with their crappy V6, the
power of the 4 banger+turbo 1.8 is equal (actually its more powerful) than
a 2.5l 6 cylinder.

Mazdaspeed L says:

what about outback? aren’t they similar?

TheK24Kyle says:

i dont really understand why they introduved this car. its nice but as a
CUV the back is pretty small and the fact its over 40K and the windows dont
come tinted is pretty cheap. its japanese competetetors like infiniti and
acura make use of 48K WAY nicer.

remelsheikh says:

You took the words right out of my mouth. Well Said!

todd baker says:


Liam McNeice says:

328i just means it’s got the power of a comparable 2.8l engine. With the
turbos it does make sense, and the market would much rather have a “328″
than a “320″ even if nothing is altered….it’s all perception of size.

Alan Xu says:

Review more Audi’s instead of crappy BMW’s!

DancinRandy54 says:

it kinda competes with the audi allroad

Tehmasp Chaudhri says:

Nice review. Thanks very much! Cheers.

09blackcobaltss says:

48k price is with a bunch of options that most people prolly wont get or
dont need cause the Base price of a 35xdrive is 38k. I think most people
that will get a X1 will prolly get the 2L turbo with the 8speed auto and 33
hwy mpg for people who want more performance the turbo 6 is there for them.

Kevin K H Chan says:

Mini = Premium? *snicker*

CygnusX1Timbo says:

Cygnus X-1

flexor212000 says:

Nobody wanted to see the X1 loaded up to 48k. People wanted to see the X1
at the 31k price point. Come on..

nathan adlen says:

Hi Giorgio! Yes, the ground clearance is moderately usable. The problem is,
the nose is too long and the approach angle is too shallow. I scrape
leaving steep driveways – so rocks over five inches would get caught. Our
off road trail needs at least another inch of ground clearance. Thanks for


First review ive seen from you guys. have to say was terrific to watch :)
you work great together and my brother is thinking of the Q3 or x1 so was
nice to watch. sub’d (Y)

nathan adlen says:

It depends on the video and vehicle. We write out all of the technical
information, block each scene and occasionally script dialogue and
movement. It truly depends on the circumstances. Thanks for watching!

Alan Xu says:

I think It’s as ugly as it gets, Top Gear UK hates it! I don’t know why
they say that it’s good looking

tgrigor1 says:

something is strange about the gear liver, all other reviews show the new
one, this has the old one, HOW COME??…

David Malinovsky says:

You shouldn’t just judge a car by it’s features and options availability. A
bad car with all of the latest gadgets is still a bad car.

Nick K says:

It competes with the Audi All-Road. and the Mercedes GLK to some extent

nathan adlen says:

Hi Gary, I would get Evoque over the X1 as it is better equipped for snow,
off road drives and you get more for the money. Roman likes the GLK. Both
of us feel that the X1 is too pricey. Thanks for watching!

Lukas Liang says:

please do more review about this x1… like off-road and match up

chrisdblue says:

i think it needs dual exhaust

Amir James Shirazi says:

I love Bmw but i mean how you guys can say that it as a nice interior i
mean theres nothing look at the panel of this car lol but ! i got to say it
is pretty nice under the hood anyways its just my opinion not judging or
anything anyways you guys do realy good car reviews continue ! :)

David Malinovsky says:

Buying the full boat loaded versions of any BMW is always a losing
proposition. An xDrive 28i with a few options is a better choice.

JU CA says:

Cojones!!!! lol

Max Shadow says:

Guys…it compares with the Infiniti EX37.

kurtthewurt says:

I feel like these guys always have more rear-seat legroom issues than other
reviewers – are they really tall? (I’m not good at gauging height via
video) Perhaps it’s also because I’m Asian and I never carry anyone over
5’8″ haha

Parrots and Potatoes says:

How about the Buick Encore as a competitor?

myscrnnm says:

If you hate it so much then why did you get it?

jmmpdfdg says:

Oh it is ? :) Ok well Even better for the Volvo then, i guess :) Which one
would you pick ?

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