2013 BMW X1 xDrive28i Review and Road Test

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I know a guy who used to own a BMW 318ti, like most 318 shoppers he paid way too much for a hatchback because it had a roundel on the front. At some point he…


Antonio Castillo says:

i recently subscribed to your channel. good stuff always. when will you do
a review on the 2014 GTI?

Salvatore Lipari says:

Very in depth and informative. I’m am looking for an all-wheel drive car
and this one has really sparked my interest. 

kwfown says:

Infiniti ex37/qx50, comparable SUV? 

Batal Polo says:

Thanks for responding , what’s your opinion on the new 2014 BMW 428I ? have
you had a chance to review it ?

Enayat Sharif says:

you talked for 22 minutes and you never mentioned what I waned to know:
How good is the sound system?

nature10879 says:

F10 M5 manual review..pliz if you can get your hands on it. Its a dying
breed and we would love to hear your opinions,,,nice review

Thoughts, Ideas, and what? says:

I have to say, when I was looking at a 3series I walked away when I saw the
second cup holder – really, for over $30K I have this POS plastic adapter?
Ended up with a G35. In the market for an X BMW and I cannot believe they
still have this setup in the X1. Yes, it’s the cheapest, but when a $10K
car has better cup holders …. it’s laughable, really!? Love the reviews,
thanks for taking the time to go over everything in such great detail!

Alex on Autos says:

Thanks for catching that! Not sure how the mis-typed description of the
thumbnail description snuck in there!

Alex on Autos says:

We sure will, it’s on our list!

Alex on Autos says:

I have a strong love for the wagon form factor, but yes I would probably
get the X1 over the 3 series wagon. Mostly because the X1 is such a great

Garrett Wells says:

Would you prefer this to the 3 series wagon? I am trying to pick between
the two, but both have such a large list of upsides.

MetalsForBrunch says:

for 36k it in this current model in this video I rather go for a top of the
line honda accord ex v6 or base price g37.

venom5809 says:

Nice review as usual. At $50K plus, why not get a fully loaded Infiniti JX?

nature10879 says:

Great..I cant wait

slickbibi1 says:

oh ok sorry for disrespecting you

Erik Davila says:

Linkin Park burn it down!! Nice, great music, great review btw

emusic100 says:

Great review. Can you please also show us the new 2014 C Class Merced Benz.

Nishant Arora says:

Which of the premium brands is comparatively reliable and easy on the
pocket? Audi, BMW, Jaguar, Benz or any other? Please don’t say Lexus
because I wanna drive! Thanks! :)

Alex on Autos says:

No worries, the automotive press makes plenty of mistakes!

Elvis Zhang says:

As X1 Xdrive28i owner I completely agree with everything you presented in
the video. In fact, I find your review the most technically correct among
all the X1 reviews available on Youtube. This review also accurately
describes how this car actually drives and feels on the road. I am
subscribing to this channel! good job!

Rian Shah says:

I would say the Infiniti ex is pretty similar no?

ZverevIN says:

Le Mans Blue Metallic

kao saeteurn says:

Alex, Can you do a full review of the 2014 Chevy SS when it is out?

Brijesh Singh says:

Very nice review. I like the details you covered. Well done!

Alex on Autos says:

In the USA, yes. It’s $1,000 less than a 128i.

Yohan Mudalige says:

I’ve just go one of these in UK. Totally agree with you as it’s definitely
a value for money over 3 series

Alex on Autos says:

The EX is more of an X3, GLK, XC60 competitor. It’s a decent amount bigger.

Alex on Autos says:

Well, that’s just about all you have left. Acura and Lexus are at the top
of the reliability charts followed by Cadillac and Lincoln with the rest at
the bottom. Porsche routinely lands high in the rankings but there is a
great deal of debate about how those numbers are tabulated. If you love the
drive, forget about reliability. On the upside the European dealers
typically excel at customer service.

AlternativeUses says:

note that the video description says “013 BMW X1 xDrive38i Exterior-007″. i
posted a link to this video at the bmw x1 forum, i’m sure theyll appreciate
it. thanks again

ATLOffroad says:

The X1 looks a lot like a Kia Rondo.

Alex on Autos says:

We added it to our list!

CiaLosAngeles90210 says:

what colour is that?

weirdshibainu says:


Zach Grabill says:

What a great review. Very well done. Adding you guys to my subscription

acchaladka says:

Interesting that the back seat / cargo is not as roomy-flexible as many
hatches. I see you do playlists and would like to see hot hatches and
winter-drivers as the next two.

theladyshoes says:

I love my X1. In fact, it’s painful to get a loaner 3 series because
they’re so terrible by comparison. My model came in right at $36k. The only
real complaints I have are cargo, seat comfort and the outdated BMW
interior but I can overlook those because the performance is superb.

acchaladka says:

Ps. Subscribed. Another excellent review.

Alex on Autos says:

The JX drives like a large FWD luxury minivan, the X1 drives like a tall
RWD hatchback. The X1 is more about driving dynamics and the JX is about 7

zxcv12125656 says:

x1 sucks

slickbibi1 says:

dude youre talking rubbish…this is the cheapest bmw???

MetalsForBrunch says:

the bmw 3 series sedan is still a better choice compared to x1.

Batal Polo says:

Hi Alex , your car reviews are the best on you tube period , I just watched
the 2013 x1 review , so here is my question what you guys do with the car
after you’re done testing them ,I am assuming you give back to the
dealership , but would a car like that be a good buy at a discounted price

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