2013 BMW X1 – xDrive28i – Test Drive – Video Review – Driving Review

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Autosavant’s Kevin Gordon reviews the 2013 BMW X1 28 xDrive. Here, Kevin provides his impressions of the car and provides a walk through all of its features….


Torrey B says:

your reviews are excellent! keep it up and do more!!

kenbefound says:

The bonus section re the turbo boost made me think of the 6 speed manual
Jetta TDi I test drove earlier this year. The torque that engine produces
does not provide 0 to 60 bragging rights but it certainly kept a smile on
my face during the entire test drive.

Autosavant says:

Good call. I believe the E91 wagon platform? Saying its based off of the 1
series is just for simplicity.

MemphisSilver says:

I thought this car was built on the old 3 series platform?!

parise35 says:

Me too…

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