2013 BMW X1

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If you’re OK with sacrificing some roominess, BMW’s new entry-level crossover will have you wondering, “X3 who?” Cars.com reviewer Joe Bruzek says the X1 is …


Jonathan Buxtley says:

Too small, looks too low like a wagon, and too expensive for $44,500. Why
isn’t there any tinted privacy glass in the back? 

Sindiswa Ndzimande says:

Thats my new car, Love it!

DJEddieXZ says:

I thought they made this so it would be less expensive, but for 44K you
might as well just but the damn x3

miamimagicians says:

WHICH IS BIGGER THE 328i or the x1. I think the x1 is better than the 3 or

trvlsvvy says:

…run-flats don’t help. for 33k you can load up a VW or get nearly any SAV
with more (much more at 44k)

Adam Broitman says:

Pretty good review. He does a good job conveying that this is a fun yet
compromised car

Cars.com says:

+Joe Bruzek tests the +BMW X1 in our latest video review.

trvlsvvy says:

entry level model has the worst seats of all time! i’ve had one with awd,
base features (33k) and it is so uncomfortable its insane. has nothing to
do with size, just seats and i suspect the run-flats don

malikshayan khalid says:

+Joe Bruzek tests the +BMW X1 in our latest video review.

Sakda Jenkasikit says:

Great !!because we liked ….

John Oliver says:

Too expensive.

Herbert Boxman says:

No power LiftGate, it’s a fricken BMW!!!!

bmwmsport11 says:

agree! you only buy these for the name. same with the X3, 1-series, and the
new 320i.

Joubaier Joubert says:

Damn Germans and their unconventional cupholders!!

gregaburo says:

Better buy a 3 series and you will have a real BMW experience

PussMag says:

when will they release XP ? (read it sideway)

David Crandall says:

Bringing water along won’t hurt anything.

mynamehaschanged says:

You are a bit wrong about the handbrake, not necessarilya handbrake means
it is for entry level cars. For example,the new 3 series and the new 4
series coupe come with handbrake and not electronic brake.

NadrianATRS says:

Joe’s hotter than the car

TheSuperMotoHooligan says:

I’m waiting for the XXX69.

Stere0guy says:

Wow, is this thing ugly! 3 series wagon is much better.

mak450 says:

Seen a few of these in person, and gotta say I like it aesthetically.
Surprising because I don’t really care one way or another about the X3 and
X5. I guess if I were in the market for a 3 series I’d probably pick this
up as an alternative to the wagon since the turbo I6 isn’t available in it.

john smith says:

I love my x1. I got a 2 just absolutely love it. gas mileage is great, very
funny to drive and awesome on long road trips.

David Crandall says:

Must I use premium gas?

puppetmassster says:

How can they call this an SUV?

0Turbox says:

I never drink or eat in my car…

thecarboy95 says:

The current 3 series has a mechanical hand brake as well.

prototypeglory says:

Overpriced car is overpriced

Resq28 says:

I drove one of these from Toronto to Pittsburgh. It was fun to drive but,
he was bang on about the back seat and cargo space. It’s tight. Oh, and the
seats were really hot. Even though I had the temp turned way down in the
car my back was still sweaty. Really odd, if anyone is interested in this
vehicle make sure you sit it is for 15-30min. Even my buddy in the
passenger seat said the same. It’s like the seat is designed in a way that
dosent let your back breath.

gabriel rener rener says:

se vc cala-se a boca seu video ficaria maneiro

Lou Pus says:

are there any interior dimension differences between the x1 and the 3
series wagon?

Andrew Truong says:

Is there any other SUV of this quality around this price that I should look

James Davies says:

Looks like World Class (SAAB)

rlg1976x says:

Most cars–good cupholders, mediocre driving experience. BMW–mediocre
cupholders, good driving experience. I’ll take the BMW….

Papas Ramires says:


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